Resolving Internal Stories [Video]

The reality of Truth/Dao is always there available to us. The eternal mystery is very consistent. And human misunderstandings and our path to maturity is also very consistent and predictable because our shadows show up in biological survival patterns. As we complete our internal stories, we can have more access to perceiving the eternal mystery […]

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Humans are nasty.

Humans are nasty. You just have to get over that It’s not personal We pee and poo and snot and throw up… We want in, we want out… We dont know what we want. We’re sick then we’re well then we’re sick. We’re hurt and limping, then we’re well. Then have a serious itchy rash. […]

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It’s Easier

Here are some interesting things I’ve learned about spirituality… It’s easier to open your third eye than it is to have a deeply connected intimate relationship. It’s easier to attain enlightenment than it is to truly forgive the people who have hurt us. It’s easier to astral project than it is to build a successful […]

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Something is Missing

The way our stories are constructed is actually quite brilliant. Our body/mind systems know exactly what is needed. We can feel exactly when “Something is missing”. What’s missing? The End. The End of the story we’ve started. And it probably started a long, long time ago. Our minds might think that the desired end of […]

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Our inner Compass

We have to honor our inner compass. Even if we can’t understand the reason for what it tells us. Our rational mind is inherently limited by our history of experiences. It’s tempting to hold onto what we have. To focus on “being grateful” for what we’ve been given. But our soul is ready for something […]

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Something must be sacrificed

As we grow to accommodate more power – as we become capable of holding more tension within us – Something must be sacrificed. We don’t receive the gift of maturity without saying goodbye to the old way of holding things. Maturing means being willing to sacrifice anything for that which we truly value. To be […]

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There isn’t somewhere to go

There isn’t somewhere to go, besides inside your curiosity. There isn’t something to achieve, besides a lack of ambition. There isn’t a game to win, if you yourself are the game being played. There isn’t a world to save, only your own self which is resistant to the chaos and therefore incorrectly believes it needs […]

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The Vicious Truth

The Vicious Truth __________________ Allow yourself to be Vicious with your truth. This is counterintuitive, because we usually want to be kind and gentle. But The Vicious Truth is actually the true kindness. Yes, this will burst bubbles. Illusions cannot survive around you. You will be hated. Your programming will rebel and tell you to […]

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PROPER USE OF ANALYSIS —————————— The truth is so much simpler than the mind tells us it is. Analysis, when used properly – simply prepares our mind to stop resisting the energy of transformation. When we imagine that analysis will ever actually get us anywhere, this is like thinking that the plane needs its wheels […]


Nature is extremely intelligent

Nature is extremely intelligent. And so, in order to come close to utilizing its full potential, we must also allow this natural intelligence to work through us. Integrated powerful natural intelligence is willing and able to extend compassion [give some slack for] the human delusion. Self-righteousness often stands up as if it is something more […]

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