How much love is Enough?

How much love is Enough? —————————– When a man is loved properly, he stops needing and desiring to “get” love – the love he receives works to restore his integrity. Then, he becomes capable of focusing on giving love without expectation for it ever being returned. His natural way of “receiving” love is facilitated through […]

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This theater, Earth.

This theater, Earth. Expresses itself through the channel of our physical bodies Never wavering, it causes our mind to believe things which are not real. Training our mind to See differently takes a great humility and determination. Our addictions might still be there, as if nothing has changed. The real change happens in what meanings […]

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Theater is Innate

Theater is Innate ——————– Storytelling didn’t pop up by accident – it is a natural and innate way for the human nervous system to process thoughts, experiences, and emotions. The popularity of the ancient Greek theater eventually evolved into the popularity of movies and television today. It is unfortunate that this is relegated to “entertainment” […]

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Monstrous Comedy

“Monstrous Comedy” When this phrase pops up for me my deep self gets excited saying “Yes, that’s it!” This phrase is so powerful because it contains a key code that reminds me of what is real. We can laugh from different places in our bodies. There is avoidant laughter, and there is deep transformational laughter. […]

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What is Alignment?

Alignment is when the true self says “Not for me” and the human says “Not for me”. Alignment is when the human gets onboard and says “ABSOLUTELY!” and the true self also says “ABSOLUTELY!” At my recent 2 week intensive retreat, my client was trying to determine when to say yes and when to say […]

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I have intentionally created a service people don’t want. I have intentionally come up with an experience and a task that people can’t do. I have challenged myself for years and years to be capable of what I am suggesting other people participate in. I’ve gotten very skilled in an area most people can’t even […]

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Authenticity is deeply feared

In our world, authenticity is deeply feared. In general, people have shut out of their minds what authenticity really looks and feels like. When someone is expressing from their genius, authentically, it can land as deeply scary. It’s not “business as usual”. It’s exciting, but also very much a pattern interrupt. This means: patterns and […]

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