The Selfishness of Helping

The Selfishness of Helping ‐—————————————— I love to help if it’s welcomed with consent. And when I help, I make sure it really does help. For it to be truly helpful, I have to be really clear about my reasons for helping. All reasons are selfish. But not necessarily self-centered. Especially helping difficult people (who […]

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Our inner sense of stability has been compromised, but now we reclaim it. There’s no need to give ourselves up like that. This has generated the fictional inner child. Now we have no stability and an inner child to take care of? That’s no way to approach life. Let’s set it all down and start […]

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When Vulnerability Becomes Toxic

“Speaking vulnerably” has been a useful practice because it is a way of becoming honest with ourselves. Getting really real. It is not common that individuals are able to speak vulnerably to themselves – people usually depend on a reflection to be able to go deeper. However, when overused, too much of any medicine becomes […]

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The Assemblage

Yes forgiveness is good and helpful. Because it alters how our perception is assembled. Yes it’s helpful to notice our addiction to “doing”. Because it alters how our perception is assembled. Yes it can be helpful to meditate. Because (if done well) it alters how our perception is assembled. Yes it can be important to […]

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A different place inside myself

My attachment system has been disintegrating incredibly fast. Those who are close to me want to know if I still love them, because I’ve changed so much so quickly. It’s a good thing. Of course I still love you, just from a different place inside myself. I love you, not because you deserve it but […]

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The Limitations of Spirituality

Pop spirituality comes embedded with serious limitations. It’s just another branch of avoidance. This is not the time to count on astrology to fix things for you. This is not the time to hope and pray. The solution to the issue is not found in the psyche. It’s with you now. But you’ll not find […]

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Intent vs Intention

Intent vs Intention ___ In Toltec terminologies, there is a big difference between intent and intention. Often in the spiritual community there is a huge focus on setting intention, which is a great idea on paper but in practice it is generally misunderstood and used in unconscious ways which further promote self denial, reinforcing old […]

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Soul Relating

Focusing on healing the human is a bit of a gamble without training to dissolve the human form. I’ll explain what I mean. I’m not a fan of the idea of healing because it implies that we are doing the healing ourselves, which we are not. We are simply maturing along whatever path has been […]

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There’s only one knowledge

.Reality works as it does. If we disagree about anything, we are probably miscommunicating because almost everything is true at some level and everything is false at another level. Information is sculpted around a perspective and can easily be made wrong if making it wrong is our agenda. The more important question is that of […]

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