This theater, Earth.

This theater, Earth. Expresses itself through the channel of our physical bodies Never wavering, it causes our mind to believe things which are not real. Training our mind to See differently takes a great humility and determination. Our addictions might still be there, as if nothing has changed. The real change happens in what meanings […]

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True Fulfillment

True Fulfillment is far different than satisfaction. Most people are looking for satisfaction and have long abandoned any notion of real fulfillment. In their naivety, they might even refer to satisfaction as fulfillment, not realizing that they are digging themselves into an even deeper groove of habit. In the Dream of the World, satisfaction is […]

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ACCELERATE YOUR BURN????????? Most people have a resonance of lack.There is a constant resistance to fully burning brightly.Will I use up all my energy?Will I lose love?Will I regret my behavior?Will I run out of safety? YES! And there’s always more where that came from! Goldfish in a bowl stop growing to fit in the […]