How to Receive a Woman’s Love

Dear Men.   A woman’s perspective, felt experience, and developmental process is considerably different than a man’s.   For a man, understanding a woman’s communication style and underlying agenda is often highly counterintuitive and thus is seems incredibly mysterious.   It is in fact incredibly simple. Men tend to make things much more complex than […]

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The Hidden Predator in Women and Men

The Hidden Predator in Women and Men ———————————————– Is this person a predator, is that person a predator? Am I a predator, are you a predator? Predation. The “ultimate topic” within transformation and shamanic integration of the true self. This issue cannot be avoided any longer, as it has increasingly revealed itself and become more […]

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Over the years of cleansing and purifying myself of stagnant emotions, I have discovered an enormous well of anger inside of my organs.   If I hadn’t discovered this and began clearing it all out, I honestly believe I would be extremely sick by now. My organs would be shutting down from the sheer weight […]


I want the Truth.

I want the Truth.   I don’t want you to hide your real feelings from me.   I don’t want you to protect me from myself.   I want only the Truth.   If it erodes my sense of self– that’s okay, it’s only temporary. Let’s do this.   I don’t want the cutesy version […]

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I’ve soaked it all up like a sponge. Sopping wet, overloaded with fertility. I am more saturated than there are words to describe. There’s just so much weight to carry, and it’s not all mine. And so it’s a bit too obvious, it’s time to wring me out. Each pregnant pore is ready to gush […]

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