Purging the Mind Virus

Yesterday, I called my younger sister and told her I’ve been arrogant toward her my life. Without realizing it. This is the mind virus of the culturally indoctrinated male. It says “Men are superior to women” It says “Women need men”. It could say “Women are stupid”. It often says “A man needs to learn […]

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The Lightning Path

We have to learn how to both overcome our resistance, and also honor our No. So how is this possible to achieve both if they seem to be diametrically opposed? This seems like a paradox, but actually it’s not, because the right kind of No is useful and the wrong kind of No is not […]

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Real Love is not easy.

It’s been very confusing on this planet to differentiate between Real Love and False Love. Real Love is not easy. If we want it to be easy, we want False Love. Real Love says NO. If we want a YES, we want False Love. Real Love says NO. If we are trying to overcome shame […]

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True Fulfillment

True Fulfillment is far different than satisfaction. Most people are looking for satisfaction and have long abandoned any notion of real fulfillment. In their naivety, they might even refer to satisfaction as fulfillment, not realizing that they are digging themselves into an even deeper groove of habit. In the Dream of the World, satisfaction is […]

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Ridiculed and Outcast

If Yeshua walked into a church today and spoke up, there’s a strong chance he’d be ridiculed and outcast. Modern Atheism and Religion are the same thing. Both are non-believers. The only difference is in the way their philosophy sounds. Both are relationships based upon blind faith. Really believing in something comes from experience. Ideas […]

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Creativity and Reactivity

There is an enormous difference between creativity and reactivity. True art comes from creativity, while the English language tends to focus the mind on reactivity through how it is constructed. It takes effort to first identify and then change our belief systems toward actual creativity. This is about the liberation of one’s true self and […]

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English language keeps you in struggle

The English language was [ignorantly] designed to keep you in struggle. Harmless Non-violent Non-duality “Not bad” These are all positive expressions, but they are wrapped around what is seen as negative. Suffering is caused by being obsessed with what we don’t want and what we are trying to avoid. You’ve been tricked in how your […]

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An Experience Created by Nature

An Experience Created by Nature ———— Not only is Storyweaving a storytelling strategy, it is also a transformational experience. The Storyweaving experience was actually created by nature. Transformation, transmutation, and alchemy work on the same mechanics as the Storyweaving experience. By naming it as a strategy and identifying the necessary steps under which it operates, […]

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FALSE CONCLUSIONS ———————— Wise people have been testing reality for hundreds of thousands of years. To reinvent everything is totally inefficient. Gaining life experience is of course a must, but we must recognize that in doing so we are likely not the first ones to enter that territory. One may come into this life with […]


I know of a great warrior cat

I know of a great warrior cat. He looks upon the town and watches over us at night. Mice die of fright simply when he releases a midnight yowl. And his cuddles are otherworldly. I say to this cat “I love you buddy, I love your poofy pants!” He responds “You’re lucky I don’t speak […]

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