Power is truly indescribable.  It is impossible for thr mind to fully comprehend.

Power not only animates all life, but it also exists aside from its life giving capacities. Power dictates what happens. The more a Warrior becomes available to power, the more they are capable of directing Intent.

Power is therefore not accumulated, but deployed.

Here is another way of looking at it:

Power: by Theun Mares

“What average man calls chance or good luck is in reality power at work. However, power is weird and inexplicable. The only way to explain what power is, is to say that it is a fleeting moment of chance. All of us experience such moments in our lives, but people are normally far too busy, too preoccupied, too stupid, or else just too lazy to seize their fleeting moments of chance. Yet a hunter, being ever fully alert and ready, has the required speed and skill with which to seize his fleeting moment of chance, since this is something the hunter is always waiting for.

Hunting for power is a most peculiar pursuit, in that one must first conceive of it, and next one has to set it up most carefully, only for it then just to happen – seemingly of its own accord. Hunting for power is not something that can be planned or thought out, but this is precisely why it is such an exciting pursuit. All the hunter can do is to act as if he does have a strategy for hunting for power, and in doing so he trusts that the personal power he does have will cause him to act in the most impeccable way in hunting for power.

Knowledge is power. It takes a long time and a great deal of strenuous effort to accumulate enough personal power before one can even talk about power.

Power is an indispensable part of the warrior’s life. Yet, to begin with power is inexplicable and seemingly unbelievable, since it defies human logic, and cannot even be conceived of by the rational mind. Nevertheless, gradually and over time, power makes its presence felt. Even if one does not have power at one’s command, or even if one does not know what it is, one can nonetheless sense the presence of some thing of which one was not aware before.

However, an awareness of power is enough to cause it to start manifesting. At first it manifests as an uncontrollable force that seems to come to one of its own accord, and all too often in ways that are strange and unfathomable, so that it is never really possible to explain what power actually is or how it works.

When looked at objectively, power appears to be nothing at all, and yet it brings about occurrences within one’s life that are truly extraordinary and miraculous.

Eventually, though, one comes to the realisation that power is not really an external force dictating one’s actions, but is rather a force that arises from within oneself, moulded and directed by one’s will.”