Many people talk about “Healing”, but what is it really?

Also known as “trauma” healing, this is based on the notion that every person has a certain amount of emotional trauma they have inherited as well as based on their personal experiences.

Generally, the intensity of the trauma dictates the impact on someone’s life. However, it can also be the ‘readiness’ of the trauma to be resolved which dictates its intensity.

From an energetic perspective, trauma is a ‘thoughtform’ based on a story which is seeking a resolution. Like a ‘fallen angel’ or a ‘hungry ghost’.

Trauma is not something which only affects obvious victims of violence. If a mother leaves the room to answer the phone, a child can interpret this incorrectly and a trauma can be created. It’s not based on somebody’s ‘fault’, but simply the challenges the soul needs to experience.

So ‘healing’ is the resolving of trauma and the integrating of the power which was previously kept locked inside of the thoughtform.

At a deeper level, however, healing does not actually exist. It only appears that our soul fragments are coming back together. In fact, the connection was never actually lost. The awakening process supercedes the healing paradigm in the sense that we are awakening out of the perspective of “somebody” who needs healing.


Moving out of the (horizontal) healing paradigm and into the (vertical) awakening process means moving from an infinite process into a finite process. Healing is simply learning, and it never ends. Awakening, in part,, means no longer getting our sense of self from that ongoing learning process.