God is often understood incorrectly as a Noun.

God is more like a verb, a process.

In ancient Chinese culture, this process is known as The Dao. This translates to the Way or the Path.

Another name for God is also known as Truth. or The Universe.

Truth goes infinitely deep, and is an ongoing process of discovery. This discovery is found at the intersection of the masculine and the feminine. Pain and Ecstasy. Grief and Surrender.

As this Truth is felt and discovered through personal experience, it manifests externally as synchronicity. Synchronicity Personified is what people call God. Ultimately, it’s all connected to our own willpower, and by purifying our willpower we are able to be in touch with the divine Will of Truth. Thus, when we believe we (our human minds) are intentionally manifesting something, we are actually simply intuiting that which Truth has prepared for us.