How Dare You Think You Know What I need???

This is some interesting writing coming through today…I imagine this may touch some sensitive places…
What is Driving The addiction to Teenage-Quality Decision Making?
It is a common rebellious thought pattern, let’s see if you recognize this in yourself…
“How Dare You Think You Know What I need???“
This creates a string of rebellion against “what actually works”. We literally cannot allow the truth to come in as long as we are in this fixation.
Of course, when a voice is truly out of touch, it’s useful to reject its logic.
Maybe this phrase is even being directed at an inner voice that comes from out-of-touch conditioning.
However, not all voices are out of touch.
If we look closely at the first half of the phrase: “How Dare You Think”.
Fascism is a product of this inner teenage rebellion.
And this repetitive thought ends up trying to protect the unprotectable. It is protecting a nonsense rationality, which is designed to reject love at all costs.
Then, it is self-destruction in its most basic form.
It is the teenage individuation-seeking self. Addicted to building boundaries, which was useful before it became an indulgence.
And in fact, it is speaking to itself. I don’t trust my decisions of the past – they have made me a prisoner! How dare “I” stick to the status quo!
“How Dare You Think You Know What I need???“
It is distrust of G-d, and the belief that G-d simply CAN NOT meet our needs.
And this takes many forms, there are many reactions to this.
This is asking us to face head-on the one and the only disconnection from love in existence.
There are no other questions, connection with the divine answers them all.
This makes space for the allowance and courage of receptivity.
Receiving more energy and trusting we will make the best decisions with it.
Trusting life to give us people with genuine intentions to be of service.
Trusting our discernment to know the difference between “What is merely useful?” vs “What am I actually passionate about?”
Releasing the grasp on “Answers” and taking more space with Unanswerable Questions.
This is also known as Forgiveness, though when conceptualized we tend to lose its essence.
This grace of truth means letting go and knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that we will be supported in the most perfect way imaginable. This support may be gradual in its appearance but it can’t happen if we are habitually preventing it.
Gratitude for the immense mystery which is our primal essence, that which not only has our backs but unfolds every moment, erasing all needs in the process.
So the question does not remain:
“How Dare You Think You Know What I need???“
The other side of the question becomes:
“I allowed my needs to be met so deeply that now they’ve completely disappeared (because I did not try to wish them away). I am grateful to have finally let life in. I can allow myself to be this pure essence, regardless of the external situation. Only in my arrogance could I imagine not forgiving G-d.”
You are beautiful.
Thanks for reading ❤
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