Doing the “Work”

Doing the “Work” ——————- In physics, work is defined as a force causing the movement—or displacement—of an object. People talk about “spirituality” as “Doing the work” or not having done the work. But really, there is no work to do. But because it “seems” like there is, there is. (All “awakenings” happen through paradox) It […]

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The Fear of Being Eradicated

The Fear of Being Eradicated As the energies on the planet get more and more intense, claiming our sanity within this process means landing at a level of purification that humans have never existed at before. For most people, this is a huge time and energy commitment to sustain this clear vibe. Mostly, it takes […]

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You haven’t reached me yet.

A Quantum Theater style exploration…. ——————————— You haven’t reached me yet. I am still generating this haze, right out in front. Guarding myself against freshness. You won’t reach me, I’m sure of it. The wind starts blowing through and the fog only thickens, a sign that I am “off” like a light. Slathered on the […]

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Dear Logic

Warning: The following post “Dear Logic” is designed for people who want to question their reality in a compassionate way. Please do not use this to gaslight yourself. I made a post about that recently, you can look it up. ———— Dear Logic, It has come to my attention that you are sometimes not so […]

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I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know

I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know Years ago, when I started my “journey”, I alienated a lot of friends. I became a zealot for personal transformation. An untapped aspect of myself became activated and I became absolutely fixated on transformation. I did not have the ability to talk about anything else. These days, I […]

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Over the years of cleansing and purifying myself of stagnant emotions, I have discovered an enormous well of anger inside of my organs.   If I hadn’t discovered this and began clearing it all out, I honestly believe I would be extremely sick by now. My organs would be shutting down from the sheer weight […]


I want the Truth.

I want the Truth.   I don’t want you to hide your real feelings from me.   I don’t want you to protect me from myself.   I want only the Truth.   If it erodes my sense of self– that’s okay, it’s only temporary. Let’s do this.   I don’t want the cutesy version […]

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