Nature is extremely intelligent

Nature is extremely intelligent. And so, in order to come close to utilizing its full potential, we must also allow this natural intelligence to work through us. Integrated powerful natural intelligence is willing and able to extend compassion [give some slack for] the human delusion. Self-righteousness often stands up as if it is something more […]

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Those Wildly Distracting Topics

Those Wildly Distracting Topics ———————————————– There are a number of insidious and distracting topics which have been planted into our collective awareness, preventing people from the actual awakening process. These often-obscure topics appear to be useful, and those who share about them appear to be in service. However, these topics rarely, if ever, “move the […]

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I’m having fun being myself

I’m having fun being myself. My book collection continues growing but I don’t have much time lately to read them. Just having the books available seems to catalyze a readiness to know the material. I love coaching people and answering questions because I usually learn something from my own answer. Allowing consciousness to come through […]

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A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM The “samskaras” in Sanskrit are the habitual grooves our rational mind uses for “sensemaking”. These are the neural pathways known as the ego fixation or the personality construct. [The enneagram system helps us by defining the 9 different samskara fixations of the nervous systems.] This is a physical/mental pattern – […]



THE SHAPE OF THE ENERGY BODY It’s not what you understand, it’s how you understand it. You might not actually “know” it, even if you think you know it. It may need to come in and land from a totally different angle. The more unexpected and surprising that angle, the more it impacts you, the […]


Something Unwilling to Expand

There is something unwilling to expand. There is something which says no to love. There is something which says I can’t. This is something which lies and lies and lies internally. It is critical that we ensure there is no way to avoid seeing this, even if it is inconvenient news. It is too much, […]

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The Life of a Seer

The Life of a Seer. I want to share some personal stuff because it feels good to write, and it is also an olive branch out to you, my community. As a Seer, it has taken me a long time to be able to find my place in society. It has been challenging for years […]

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Coming out as Ordinary

Many years ago on social media I came out as “spiritual” interested in the occult and blah blah. Now I am coming out as ordinary. I do love to explore the nature of reality, but if it’s not cutting edge and new what’s the point? If it’s more healing upon healing, this is not of […]

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The heart expansion is glorious

The heart expansion is glorious. Nothing can compare. But when I resist the process It doesn’t feel like I’m walking on air. If I try and attempt and strive for perfection, The best I can do is winning at nothing. The real test here, under my nose, is relaxing my focus from my head to […]

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