Feeling uncomfortable

I enjoy writing things that make people uncomfortable. Not because I want people to be uncomfortable, but because I want people to recognize that feeling uncomfortable is not the worst thing in the world. People who cannot tolerate the things I write are not able to tolerate their own emotional responses. People weed themselves out […]

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I have sometimes experienced great difficulty in differentiating between my ways of being. When I am with someone in person, looking in their eyes, I am usually very present to the truth of the moment. However, when I have been typing on a screen, writing a post or chatting with someone, specifically not looking in […]

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You need a pattern interrupt

You don’t need an accountability partner, you need a pattern interrupt. You don’t need a guru, you need a pattern interrupt. You don’t need a yoga class/massage/whatever, you need a pattern interrupt. All of these things can help you to create that pattern interrupt, but we might as well see it as it really is. […]

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Your art is potentially deadly

Your magic, your art, is potentially deadly. That is why you are afraid to use it at maximum strength. Intent is the force upon which lives are taken. Including, in past incarnations, your own lifetimes. You have learned over and over again that it’s better to be weak. Over and over again, proof shows up […]

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A distorted lens

When we see everything through a distorted lens, Our true motive is completely lost on us and forgotten in time. But when we encounter a Seer, that motive is brought to light. People think they want to be seen, but usually they just want to be comforted. Truly being seen means having our unconscious motives […]

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Different types of Seers

There are a lot of different types of Seers out there. I have had probably over a hundred teachers by now. Every teacher has their own unique blend of energies, insights, and interests. Usually, even with the most talented teachers, we find incomplete teachings. Because without a proper lineage, the teacher is solely responsible to […]

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What is Dark Lightning?

What is Dark Lightning? YOU are dark Lightning. The sense of YOU shoots in, and returns to your cells. Aliveness. Brilliance. You’ve just been pinged by infinity. Electrified, animated. No more battle. The real play has now begun. Dark Lightning is a viscous fluid of attention. Consciousness. The blood of life. Irrigating ever crevice of […]

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Your father

Your father represented consciousness in your life. If your relationship with your father was distorted, your relationship with consciousness and the nagual is distorted. Someone who hates their father is inevitably going to hate the commands of consciousness. Someone who feels visceral rejection of father in their body needs to bring this story to a […]

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