Intent vs Intention

Intent vs Intention ___ In Toltec terminologies, there is a big difference between intent and intention. Often in the spiritual community there is a huge focus on setting intention, which is a great idea on paper but in practice it is generally misunderstood and used in unconscious ways which further promote self denial, reinforcing old […]

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Soul Relating

Focusing on healing the human is a bit of a gamble without training to dissolve the human form. I’ll explain what I mean. I’m not a fan of the idea of healing because it implies that we are doing the healing ourselves, which we are not. We are simply maturing along whatever path has been […]

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There’s only one knowledge

.Reality works as it does. If we disagree about anything, we are probably miscommunicating because almost everything is true at some level and everything is false at another level. Information is sculpted around a perspective and can easily be made wrong if making it wrong is our agenda. The more important question is that of […]

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It is not meant to be easy.

The embodiment of [self] Knowledge requires an incredible amount of tenacity. It is not meant to be easy. However, don’t read that as “You are not meant to be happy”. Of course, you are meant to be happy. But the journey to a state of true balance requires us to force ourselves to learn what […]

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Resolving Internal Stories [Video]

The reality of Truth/Dao is always there available to us. The eternal mystery is very consistent. And human misunderstandings and our path to maturity is also very consistent and predictable because our shadows show up in biological survival patterns. As we complete our internal stories, we can have more access to perceiving the eternal mystery […]

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Humans are nasty.

Humans are nasty. You just have to get over that It’s not personal We pee and poo and snot and throw up… We want in, we want out… We dont know what we want. We’re sick then we’re well then we’re sick. We’re hurt and limping, then we’re well. Then have a serious itchy rash. […]

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It’s Easier

Here are some interesting things I’ve learned about spirituality… It’s easier to open your third eye than it is to have a deeply connected intimate relationship. It’s easier to attain enlightenment than it is to truly forgive the people who have hurt us. It’s easier to astral project than it is to build a successful […]

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