For most of my life, I saw other people as ‘lucky’, or ‘special’, or ‘better’….possessing some power to which [I imagined] I was not entitled.

I hoped that one day I too could be ‘special’, if I ‘worked hard’ enough I would someday ‘be enough’.

Well, now it’s happened. I worked hard. The tables have turned.

And the funny part is, I did all of this work to realize:


Even with all of the super powers I’ve developed, the ability to manifest, to heal, to speak, to excel….absolutely ANYbody can do these things: When they believe they can.

I may appear special to the ego, and people project sparkly specialness and ‘otherness’ onto me….but guess what:

All of us are from beyond this world

We all come from the exact same source.

Some of us remember and some of us don’t.

If I’d imagined that remembering my true nature made me special, I wouldn’t be able to help anybody.

Remembering is certainly helpful, and it also comes with a lot of responsibility (And fear of responsibility is actually the main reason most people don’t remember).

People who are willing to take big responsibility appear special to those who haven’t yet made that decision. And no one will do it for them. It’s a leap of faith.

I realized and remembered that everything comes down to choosing myself. Electing myself.

Someone needs to joyfully clean these sheets, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to pleasurefully wash this body, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to fully love a woman, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to live their life fully, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to express themselves, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to demonstrate a life well lived, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to humbly make themselves vulnerable for all to witness in the divine unfolding, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to allow space for intense human emotions, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to trust in the will of the universe, it might as well be me.

Someone needs to write deeply heartfelt Facebook posts, might as well be me.

This action is what I would call ‘claiming’, which is a masculine movement.

This is especially helpful in spiritual community where there is so much lovely feminine energy (regardless of gender).

What are we willing to claim now?

What are we too scared to claim now, but will eventually? Is the delay serving us?

What amount of courage do we need to summon for the next up-leveling?

I can see where your courage is hiding if you need help, though only you can claim it.

I can see where you want to step up, and simply need someone to acknowledge that.

I can feel your magnificence, no matter how many layers of protection are designed to trigger sympathy (an ineffective form of safety).

Your potency can only be hidden from eyes which are unwilling to see.

It’s time, boo ? Game on.


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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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