Biblical stories are intended to catalyze spiritual mastery

The Biblical stories are intended to catalyze spiritual mastery.
It is a book of sorcery.
But these are stories told about an energy master – not BY an energy master. The potential power in stories is not running on all cylinders in this case.
New age teachings can be dangerous, not because they are inherently wrong but rather because they are incomplete.
And so new age people stay lost. Because they don’t have a proper teacher to give them the complete teaching. Only a highly skilled master with embodied knowledge of the Christ can teach the complete teachings.
Christ is a network of active intelligence, not a person.
Within that field, there is an energetic movement that is equivalent to what Christians refer to as worshipping G-d.
Christians have found a bit of a hack in the system by going straight to that movement, but as we know – it’s extremely uncommon to find a Christian energy master. It’s mostly just philosophy for mainstream Christianity and is also not a complete teaching.
Spiritual mastery includes both energy mastery and complete awakening.
Energy mastery and awakening are philosophy agnostic, which means that spiritual mastery can be achieved within most any spiritual framework or religion so long as the individual gets the complete teachings from a qualified being in touch with their Christed essence.
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