An energy blockage in the human system is created by emotional trauma, toxins, physical trauma, or a combination of these. Emotional trauma is responsible for 99% of blockages. Blockages manifest as vectors – hardened lines, created by desperate and scared consciousness, in the body. Physically, this shows up as weak organs which can not digest […]

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Co-Dependency is a psychological term that includes a wide variety of unhealthy behaviors. However, because behaviorism is not the most accurate perspective, there are deeper truths in regards to the nature of co-dependency. Most people are dependent on certain emotions which they have become accustomed to. If they are not feeling these emotions, they are […]

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In ancient Chinese culture, the process known to western cultures as God is known as The Dao. This translates to the Way or the Path. Much of The Quantum Theater perspective was originally inspired by Daoism (AKA Taoism). Some of the famous Daoist texts are: I Ching (“Book of Change”) Tao Te Ching (“Book of the Way […]

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Energetics refers to the field of magnetic and electrical energy that each person generates as a part of their existence. The true and natural nature of each energy field flows uniformly and powerfully. However, the human race has experienced mass distortions of this energy which have lead to illness and confusion. All negative emotions are […]

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Enlightenment is highly misunderstood. Many people believe that enlightened people are ‘perfect’. Far from it. Enlightenment has nothing to do with trauma. An enlightened person who has awakened while still emotionally immature is unresolved in their emotional trauma. This phenomenon has lead to many abusive and co-dependent ‘spiritual masters’. This is the enlightenment of the […]

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Many people talk about “Healing”, but what is it really? Also known as “trauma” healing, this is based on the notion that every person has a certain amount of emotional trauma they have inherited as well as based on their personal experiences. Generally, the intensity of the trauma dictates the impact on someone’s life. However, […]

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Individuation is the unique expression of our soul through our mind. It is a psychological term, specifically in regards to the differentiation between a mother and her child. As we individuate, we grow to see at the deepest level that we are not our parents and that we are not responsible for their feelings. As […]

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Lust is both Heaven and Hell It’s the name of a loop we get distracted into Most people don’t realize that their lust is pre-programmed into them by their family’s unconscious values. Very specific family dynamics are wanting to play on repeat. Because it’s the easiest way to channel our firey demon energy. Our inner […]

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In physics, Quantum studies are focused on the atomic and subatomic behavior, which exhibits different rules the traditional physics as it is affected by attention and consciousness. In spiritual terms, The Quantum Space is the realm of reality beyond the mind. When humans reside in the Quantum space they are moving from energy powered by […]

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Sex is the merging of the masculine and the feminine. Not just in physical form but also energetically. Sex is the interaction of puzzle pieces in every situation. The fingers are experiencing sex with the keys as this is being typed. A person is having sex with reality as they live. Every moment is sex, […]

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