An energy blockage in the human system is created by emotional trauma, toxins, physical trauma, or a combination of these.

Emotional trauma is responsible for 99% of blockages.

Blockages manifest as vectors – hardened lines, created by desperate and scared consciousness, in the body. Physically, this shows up as weak organs which can not digest what they are fed. This results in a backup of waste which is literal physical blockage created by the invisible energy blockage.

This causes additional food to encounter the sludge and mucus of undigested material.

As emotions are digested, the hardened energy lines disappear, and this allows the backed-up material to finally pass through.

Blockages can exist in virtually any part of the body, and anywhere in the 360-degree toroidal energy field around a person.

The more blockages and traumas a person brings with them from ancestry and childhood, the more potential they hold for embodying personal power as the trauma is integrated into the conscious mind.