In physics, Quantum studies are focused on the atomic and subatomic behavior, which exhibits different rules the traditional physics as it is affected by attention and consciousness.

In spiritual terms, The Quantum Space is the realm of reality beyond the mind.

When humans reside in the Quantum space they are moving from energy powered by the heart and the third eye. The mind may be engaged and can focus on the past or the future, but the majority of the energy is focused on the direct experience of reality.

Accessing the Quantum field usually requires either psychedelic medicines, skilled facilitation, or both.

When personal or collective trauma is activated, it can be embraced or rejected. Trauma contains a HUGE amount of unprocessed energy. This unprocessed energy contains TIME. We step out of TIME, when we step INTO a trigger. This is also known as the liminal space, the quantum field, the awakened dream, the causal body, or the core creator body.