Individuation is the unique expression of our soul through our mind. It is a psychological term, specifically in regards to the differentiation between a mother and her child. As we individuate, we grow to see at the deepest level that we are not our parents and that we are not responsible for their feelings. As […]

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Integrity refers to the relationship between the soul and the mind. The soul craves to be in integrity with the mind. The mind is generally in integrity with shame, guilt, blame, and other conditioning. The mind is always in integrity with something. When people say that someone is ‘in integrity’ or ‘out of integrity’ they […]

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Intent is Spiritual Force. We can use our power to direct it and it becomes self generated until the point it is fully unbending. Unbending intent is a very specific sensation when self generated force is applied. It is an internal pressing which breaks barriers. It is a direction of energy, not a philosophy. In […]

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Lust is both Heaven and Hell It’s the name of a loop we get distracted into Most people don’t realize that their lust is pre-programmed into them by their family’s unconscious values. Very specific family dynamics are wanting to play on repeat. Because it’s the easiest way to channel our firey demon energy. Our inner […]

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Also spelled sometimes “nagal” or “nahual” (pronounced Nah-wall) There are two definitions: A nagual is the leader of a group of sorcerers. Their job is to provide teachings and accurate reflections for each individual. They represent the embodiment of the Intent of spirit. A nagual is a person is of born with 4 compartments of […]

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