Stalking or “Hunting” is the orientation of a Warrior. This is the opposite of being the victim,  this making oneself into the “cause” rather than the “effect”. Warriors are stalkers, hunters of power. Power is sneaky prey and it requires an adept hunter in order to locate and capture it.

In Stalking power, warriors are often Stalking themselves. Another way to describe assertive self-inquiry in order to determine what is actually true.

Stalking someone else is also possible. This requires a Warrior to stalk themselves doubletime in order to ensure that Stalking another person is in integrity and for thr highest good of all. Stalking another person can be voluntary (the person requests and perhaps pays for the warrior’s time in doing so) or involuntary, as in the case where someone is acting out of integrity and some sort of correction is required. Covert Stalking could corner someone into correcting themselves, or overt Stalking could be more confrontational.