Thoughtforms are the physical manifestations of thoughts. They occupy physical space in the body.

They are perpetuated by beliefs. As we dissolve beliefs, we dissolve thoughtforms, and vice versa.

Some thoughtforms can be supportive. If they resonate with complete Truth, they are sourced from deep collective cognitions rather than individual thoughts.

The majority of thoughtforms are transferred through ancestral trauma along family lines.

Seeing the thoughts of another becomes easy and automatic when one has the courage to see their own thoughts.

Most thoughtforms are invisible and inaudible to the individual experiencing them because most people have a co-dependent relationship with their thought structures and individual thoughtforms (some more than others).

The thoughts have replaced the roles of previous abusers and co-dependent thought relationships reflect that.

Stuck thoughtforms are being received by the experiencer, not generated. This is why it takes Seeing, not disciplining. “Why can’t I stop thinking?” You’re not thinking, the thoughts are thinking you.