Nature is extremely intelligent

Nature is extremely intelligent.
And so, in order to come close to utilizing its full potential, we must also allow this natural intelligence to work through us.
Integrated powerful natural intelligence is willing and able to extend compassion [give some slack for] the human delusion. Self-righteousness often stands up as if it is something more intelligent than it is.
It is quite common for people to shame each other by saying things like “get out of your ego!”
Ironically, only the ego would say this.
The judgement and superstition and identification with certain paths and rituals and lineages….all of these are deeply disempowering when it comes to honoring our natural intelligence.
Nature’s intelligence informs us when we need to feel sad, or to feel angry, or to feel ecstatic. Self-righteousness tells us there is a right and a wrong experience to have. It stands up proclaiming essentially that we skip the natural order of things to aim for some ideal other than the current situation.
As an analogy: A vinyl record among audiophiles is well known to have superior sound quality due to its “bit depth”. In contrast with digital files which must make a choice of something like 16 or 24 bits (snapshots of information every second), vinyl records are recorded with grooves which are on a continuum of propulsion and not dependent on snapshots at all. As far as technology goes vinyl records are a much more organically rich technology which conveys nature’s intelligence simply because it is embedded in physical matter. Ears which have been refined to notice these nuances can experience the difference.
Similarly, when we operate on our natural continuum without trying to edit or skip steps we are in integrity with intelligence beyond the mind. The body which has been cultivated to notice the difference is capable of experiencing entirely different realities than the synthetic and socialized self-image.
When someone struggles, for example, with incessant thoughts and mental activity – it is the socialized identity which needs to be confronted as this is suppressing nature’s intelligence. But HOW this is confronted is the key, because it must be met within that socialized paradigm where it is. You can’t rescue a cat from a tree without climbing up the tree. Similarly, you can’t address a delusional value system without at least temporarily swimming in the same waters as where the delusion exists.
The way of kindness is a natural outcome of a healthy ego’s integration into our enormous true being. Bullying of ideals, whether it is done by someone else or if we do it to ourselves, is a covert rejection of the necessary development process we all must proceed through.
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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