Those Wildly Distracting Topics

Those Wildly Distracting Topics
There are a number of insidious and distracting topics which have been planted into our collective awareness, preventing people from the actual awakening process.
These often-obscure topics appear to be useful, and those who share about them appear to be in service.
However, these topics rarely, if ever, “move the needle” to actually achieve any fundamental difference in quality of life.
They are literally distractions from any actual progress which can be made in our development.
Not that we NEED to intentionally foster our development, it’s not for everybody.
But many people who claim to want true awakening are actually spinning their wheels in hopes that all of their efforts will culminate into some sort of arrival, which unfortunately is just not going to happen like that.
One way to describe this issue is horizontal vs vertical development. If we look horizontally to us, there are more books than we can ever read. More countries than we can feasibly visit. More languages than we can ever speak. This might give us new perspectives, but it doesn’t ever develop us vertically.
Horizontal (or lateral) awareness encompasses all information.
Understanding expands us horizontally, and we feel like we achieved something as a result. I hate to burst the bubble, but this is an infinite chase.
We can (and we will) learn infinitely. In that sense, it is not true spiritual progress, it is only a game which we play with ourselves.
Vertical awareness is literally the moving of kundalini awareness up the spine [which goes by many names – Insert yours if you don’t like the Hindu name] to reside in the head.
This is enlightenment.
It is not easy [at all], but it is very very simple.
It is highly highly recommended to have a TON of support for this as it is very destabilizing. Intentionally.
This expands the space vertically which can then perceive the horizontal in full, resolving any differences between then, and becoming one direction [the Sun].
Vertical progress depends on how restrictive our identity is and whether this allows for vertical movement. The character identity of the I thought.
This is a finite process, because the spine is only so long.
The brain is where it is.
The identity becomes more and more flexible until it breaks.
There are 4 specific awakenings which must occur.
It is really not complicated.
We tend to overly complicate things because the mind is grasping for control.
We have convinced ourselves that we must figure out where this planet came from, how to manifest, how many aliens are here, what will happen this month, which medicines are the best, how long do I need to wait for my partner, how to change my feelings, and the list goes on.
Not that these things aren’t useful, it’s just more lateral musings.
Those who teach how to achieve the vertical movement tend to be ignored and misunderstood. It is not nearly as flashy or tempting.
Laterally, there is literally no end to the questions we can ask.
I have seen people claiming mastery because they have answered a lot of these lateral questions. It doesn’t work like that.
I felt I needed to write about this because ending our distractions is a hugely important precursor to the actual awakening process.
We can’t actually “go there” until we have decided to set down all of our toys and gizmos and actually go there.
It takes a lot of courage, but the process doesn’t last forever if you give it the attention it needs.
Happy to say more if you have a question about something.
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