Ridiculed and Outcast

If Yeshua walked into a church today and spoke up, there’s a strong chance he’d be ridiculed and outcast.
Modern Atheism and Religion are the same thing. Both are non-believers. The only difference is in the way their philosophy sounds. Both are relationships based upon blind faith.
Really believing in something comes from experience.
Ideas are just ideas.
Believing in the force of your own purified Will, and its power to change reality, is what real experience comes from. When you recognize how transformation works, this is a life skill that never goes away.
When you further understand the way in which your Will relates to infinity, you won’t find a need to label yourself as anything, other than Initiated.
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Joshua Edjida
Lead Storyweaver
Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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