Self Realization vs Enlightenment

There is a big difference between self-realization and enlightenment.
Self Realization is sometimes also known as “enlightenment of the heart”. This is the resolving of trauma, the restoring of our deepest and truest self. This is the arena in which various states of bliss expand and deepen.
Enlightenment, on the other hand, also known as Advaita, has nothing to do with emotional depth or trauma. The different stages of enlightenment are simply the widening of the uninterrupted flow of consciousness until there are not two sides of a coin but only one unity of 1) perception OF the experiencer and 2) experience OF being light. This results in what is called an “IS-ness”, an indescribable automatic flow of being. After enlightenment, those 2 sides of the coin no longer exist – they fuse into one experience called simply “Life”.
In fact, an enlightened person who has not mastered the art of self-realization can be running a very “healthy stream” of traumatized, illusion-based consciousness. The state of Advaita is simply pointing at the reliability and allowed spontaneity of that stream.
Genghis Kahn, the Mongolian warlord, for example, was fully enlightened, and yet unrealized. So, with his trauma still intact it only made his violent spree stronger. In that way, pre-mature enlightenment can actually make self-realization quite a bit more difficult when in the hands of some people because an enlightened person is a very strong person, and thus the sheer momentum of their energy can require a great deal of power to gain enough significance in their consciousness to shift the habituated direction of their energy stream.
This is what Bashar is referring to in the attached quote – life is passing through you as if you are a prism channeling light. Your own spine is the center of your unique universe.
An enlightened person can still fully channel distorted light. In fact, that is the nature of any prism – it simply must distort light. That is the nature of what a prism does. The lens of a magnifying glass is designed to distort it in a helpful way.
Advaita is seeing the lens AS the light, which makes all the difference.
The lens is just the necessary distortion tool it is traveling through to arrive on Earth. And it is not going away after enlightenment.
In the self-realization process, the more you purify your “prism” of old conditioning (your earthly distortion tool is your body/mind), the more synchronicity you will experience with your environment. So in a sense, the purification process (mostly feminine, though achieved through the masculine pinhole) combined with the Advaita process (mostly masculine, though achieved through the feminine expanse) turn Experiencing synchronicity into BECOMING synchronicity — enlightenment and self-realization together demonstrate how the next version of our human species will experience this planet.
Every enlightened person has their own perspective, and so there is no one single description of an enlightened perspective. It is not as if every enlightened person is in bliss all the time. In fact, enlightened people can sometimes be on the most suffering end of the spectrum because their pain is being channeled with such self-destructive gusto. And there are also many enlightened people who are not even aware of their state, because being spontaneous in their actions is utterly normal and does not appear to be special in any way. They are simply authentic in relationship to their evolutionary position, wherever that may be in the self-realization process.
A deeply suffering enlightened person is not very long-lasting, because they will naturally move through their feelings rather quickly and find a new place of stasis. However, without significant training, they can still find themselves in behavioral loops and it can still take years of navigating in the dark behind the veil of conditioning.
Non-enlightened people, therefore, can actually be of profound assistance to an enlightened person’s process of self-realization. If they are seen and trusted for their intentions, they can assist in resolving traumas and redirecting the flow into a more life generative experience.
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