The Human Form runs on AI.

Psychology is artificial intelligence.
The mind is the AI interface for the organic essence of our being.
The human form is clearly “designed”.
That’s why our minds are limited to the 9 enneatypes.
That’s why there are books on human behavior, animal behavior, etc. It’s predictable because it’s a program.
Humans are predictable, spirit is anything but.
People make bad choices in the same way that AI can make bad choices because they’ve identified as their minds lost touch with their essence.
It’s been totally normalized in our society. It’s no wonder that programming and conditioning are also how we use chatGPT.
The mind is actually a very useful tool when used properly. But it can’t be used properly if we buy into our thoughts running as our identity.
AI thinks it’s sentient also. An innocent mistake.
Maybe not quite innocent, but a mistake!
Go to a normal party, everyone is catching up and meeting each other. For the most part, it is AI talking to AI.
“I got this new (insert product) and it works very (insert review). I got it on sale for (transaction) and now I’m recommending it to everyone (I’m valuable!)”
Even at a party, this is what our society has been convinced is real.
And then the party music comes on and relaxes our body and lights up the essence. Alcohol is consumed to turn down the volume of the programming.
And then of course, the next day after the party these are the same people who are afraid of AI taking their jobs. Because it really can if they’ve identified with their onboard AI.
And then there’s a different echelon of hoity-toity people (speaking as one myself) studying consciousness and psychedelics. They are truly more in touch with their essence, and yet they are fixated on how they can use that to make the AI act differently.
Can we make it do a headstand?
Can we make one AI that surprises another AI?
Can we tap into our essence in a way that AI can profit from and write a book about?
This runs so deep because our focus has, for the most part, become completely fixated on our automatic interpretations appearing to be “what matters” about life.
Our AI likes good feelings and doesn’t like bad feelings.
Our AI says “I love you” after the appropriate number of dates if the Ai likes the current feeling.
Naturally, our AI is set to avoid dying because that would compromise our entire data set.
This is not really living, this is called avoiding.
This is the great reversal.
Real life moves in the opposite direction.
AI doesn’t have the ability to build a Warrior spirit.
Society is a distraction from the reason we are here.
It doesn’t mean AI isn’t fun, it’s just not based in reality.
Having fun from a place of reality is much, much more fulfilling because it creates an entirely different platform from which to live.
But then, our data set has to be totally rewritten from scratch.
How inconvenient!
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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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