The Mind is not designed to know the Truth

*The Mind is not designed to know the Truth*
The Truth is too massive for the mind. It is incomprehensible.
No matter how much we poke around, debate, philosophize, literally nothing we think can even approach the actual truth.
The truth is perceived through the body (and usually rejected when interpreted as intense feelings). The more relaxed the body, the more we can distinguish between intuition, thoughts, and feelings.
Intuition shows us the direction of truth, but only the mind attempts to contain it, label it, and put it in a convenient little package.
If we keep giving our power to the mind we will keep being disappointed. The mind will always eventually fail, this is the only guarantee.
The sooner we allow the mind to be swallowed up by the intuition [and its deeply honest movements] the sooner we empower our true strength to make our decisions.
This is not philosophy, this is higher mechanics. And this is not a goal, it is a release of goals. This is not an agenda, it is recognizing that the minds limited agendas are grasping for imagined safety.
Safety is what we are when residing in our eternal nature. An aware ego is great, but the mind doesn’t even need to be on board with this.
The mind can dispute all it wants and yet the truth is immensely more relevant than this futile struggle. Suffering is only possible if we take the mind’s discomfort personally.
If you watch an animal during a cold plunge, discomfort does not have the same meaning for them. Maybe they are howling in pain, but the howling is what creates the balance. Humans prevent their howling and expect to just “suck it up”.
Balance is only possible when we give ourselves the gift of authentic movement, without allowing the mind’s embarrassment or rulebook to dictate reality.
This differentiation between mental constructs and actual Truth is what gives us the ability to choose something other than addiction to that tiny little box of perceived safety.
Owning your immensity and your innate safety is a choice. We are safe even when the mind is swallowed up beyond understanding. Understanding is therefore only a stepping stone into the vastness of you.
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