What is Alignment?

Alignment is when the true self says “Not for me” and the human says “Not for me”.

Alignment is when the human gets onboard and says “ABSOLUTELY!” and the true self also says “ABSOLUTELY!”

At my recent 2 week intensive retreat, my client was trying to determine when to say yes and when to say no. This is an enormously important topic because this is the foundation of how we operate on a day-to-day basis.

This is often very confusing for people: The very different perspectives between the socialized human form and the essence – the true self.

In general, people are deeply identified as the socialized human. This means being fixated in the animalistic survival paradigm.

Embodiment is a commonly used term – the misuse of this term often comes at the expense of the true identity. A false dichotomy exists in segments of spirituality that say you can either prioritize one or the other – “enrealment” or “enlightenment”.

There is zero need to choose one or the other – they are interlinked and supportive of each other.

The paradigm of operating from the essence is deeply threatening to many ideas of what spirituality is because it doesn’t follow the same approach of common spiritual language.

The energy direction “Surrender” for example, is asking the identity of the socialized human to calm down. Without being fully understood, this creates a domino effect of self-sabotage because from this perspective it appears that the socialized human is responsible for spiritual development, which it is not.

The cells of the body do genuinely need to open to the essence.

I call this opening activity of the cells “acquiescence”, or “submission”. The body wants this, it is spiritual nutrition.

As the true self enters the cells of the body, this is intent operating – this is force, based on Will.

So the essential languaging conflict is: Are we communicating to the socialized human (surrender) or are we communicating with the will of the true self (force)?

One must be able to determine the difference between the fear of the human versus the excitement of the true self. What is scary to the human is often exciting to the true self.

That “soul excitement” can be easily translated as terror to the human.

When faced with a deeply transformational opportunity the human will say “That doesn’t resonate”. Of course it doesn’t resonate, because the socialized human typically doesn’t want anything to do with real change.

If it resonated, the human would start to break down (acquiesce) and a whole new being would need to emerge. Of course it doesn’t resonate.

Are you ready to lead a group?
“That doesn’t resonate right now. Maybe someday.”
Meanwhile, the true self may be saying “Of course. Do that.”

Are you ready to embark on that huge adventure?
“I’m not ready, maybe someday.””
Meanwhile, the true self might be saying “Of course. Do that.”

Are you ready to use your intent to create magical feats?
“I want to, but that doesn’t seem possible where I’m at now. I just need to work harder.”
Meanwhile, the true self says “Of course. Do that.”

Someone embodying their true being would not even need to invoke an explanation such as “that doesn’t resonate”.

This is simply not the determining factor for the true self. The true self is not looking for resonance, but rather expansion opportunities.

Imagine if astronauts were about to go into space for the first time. Did that resonate?

Of course not. It’s never happened before, how could it resonate? It’s terrifying. They literally might die.
The calling is not going to be a rational one.

They went to space and it was life-changing.
They could see the earth from miles up (AKA, the overview effect).

It is in fact very important to find activities and teachers and opportunities which specifically do NOT have too much resonance.
SOME resonance will get you in the door.
However, if you are not afraid of a teacher, how much could they possibly have anything to teach you?

Echo chambers create resonance.

The human form seeks resonance to get more of the same holding patterns over and over again.

This doesn’t mean we need to chase down the most damaging egotistical teachers we can find just because we are afraid of them.

When the true self says no it sounds like “No!”. Very clear and very obvious. It’s very common for the socialized human to provide a “fake yes” when the true self says “No!” – this creates a lot of regret.

There is nothing wrong with comfort, but it can be very easy to chase comfort in a self-sabotaging way. When the human says “That doesn’t resonate” and the true self says “Just do it!” this type of comfort creates regret and lethargy. This is where we are stuck on satisfaction rather than fulfillment.

True fulfillment comes from operating at the level of the true self and alchemizing the human fixation to integrate itself into this infinite power.

Training our mind (the first attention) gives us the proper context within which to master the second attention and the third attention.


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