Your father

Your father represented consciousness in your life.
If your relationship with your father was distorted, your relationship with consciousness and the nagual is distorted.
Someone who hates their father is inevitably going to hate the commands of consciousness.
Someone who feels visceral rejection of father in their body needs to bring this story to a conclusion if they are to have any chance of submitting to consciousness.
Hate for father is going to result in rejections of knowledge from teachers representing consciousness.
Our body knows more than we realize.
Our body is trained to function by unqualified people.
Retraining to body/mind tonal system is a holy undertaking of the highest order.
Allowing the commands of consciousness requires living beyond the identity.
Healing isn’t necessary to do this.
Only creating life as an artist makes this happen.
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Joshua Edjida
Lead Storyweaver
Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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