Warning: This post is not for the faint of heart.
If you don’t want to go deep inside yourself today, read it another time.
As we go deeper into Truth, and our default identity dissolves…
There is a profound shift which occurs.
Many people talk about the unlimited self, but what does that actually mean?
Am I still one person?
Well yes, but not completely.
We are waking up to the reality that each of us is many beings holographically expressing through one body.
Some people talk about moving from “I” consciousness to “We”.
They may not realize just how accurate they actually are.
Each of us contains a multitude of perspectives.
This is why some channeled beings refer to themselves as “we”..
The intensity of realizing that I am a WE is absurdly uncomfortable to the default self.
This discomfort is why ‘channels’ must channel as someone else entirely. Integrating these “we” perspectives and calling it one singular “I” requires immense courage.
One “Soul” creates one person, but as we relax into the deeper identity of the oversoul – all bets are off.
There are many hints of this nature in our everyday life.
I’m in this mood, I’m in that mood. Part of me wants this part of me wants that.
Unity is not becoming ONE perspective, it is becoming ONE (skillfully stitched together) spectrum of perspectives.
Approaching Infinity is terrifying because we can make anything mean anything if we simply view it from another aspect.
Destroying our default confines and our default view means allowing the cyclonic recursive nature of infinity to occupy our awareness.
And as we approach this, it can literally feel like approaching insanity.
I have personally faced the fear of insanity, or what I’ve called “The edge of my personality” many times, and it is profoundly terrifying – until I take a breath.
Thus, fear of insanity is fear of power.
Fear of infinity is fear of Truth.
We have all heard stories of people taking LSD and jumping out of windows. Believing themselves to be so powerful that they can fly, or they are jumping into a portal.
Where nothing means anything.
This ungrounded perspective is obviously not Truth.
And so what is to be done to safely approach infinity without totally losing it?
This is why it is imperative that we form a strong sense of self before we dissolve it.
We must honor the first stage before moving to the second stage.
The practical psychological concepts such as individuation, boundaries, desires…knowing who we are lands us securely on this planet.
Attempting to dissolving the slivers of “who we are” prematurely is actually violence toward the “self”, who is still in need of a chance to be acknowledged.
This is how toxic gurus control the masses, by prematurely dangling the carrot of infinity.
It requires great discernment to know what stage we are at, to honor what our system requires next.
If we become a WE before we ever had a chance to be an I, that disables us from owning our needs.
Owning our needs is a crucial aspect of the first stage.
Awakening out of needs is idealized because it sounds so much more convenient, and our impatience often wants to hurry it along.
Bowing out of needs prematurely is violence toward the underdeveloped self.
Owning our needs shows us our limited identity – there’s no use to ignoring it.
Embodying our limited identity is what completes our developmental trauma and allows us to fully arrive.
To avoid confusion, this doesn’t mean we must have everything we think we need – we must simply fully own that we think we need it!
As an analogy for the ungrounded self attempting to dissolve: Would you feel comfortable being taken on a trip through space by a captain who wishes she could have stayed in bed that morning?
We must accept our lot on this planet before effectively creating a new reality.
And when we’re ready, we’re ready.
And then We can be We. A force of unimaginably compassionate collective Christed power.
Integrated with the past, present and future and organizing these views with precision for the most effective evolution available.
It’s not a fantasy, it’s a map.
We must Seek the most Truthful reflections available.
We must Acknowledge the pride and lust we hold dear.
It’s all falling away eventually. Learning to savor and own our experience transforms it.
Focusing on what’s next is only helpful as the I aspect who is curating the experience for the Innocent Heart aspect.
We must learn to recognize which aspect is seeing and which one is being seen. Giving them names must be done carefully with absolutely zero attachment toward their continued existence.
The infinite self seems insane, while “normal” worldly life actually is insane. Most of us have it terribly backward.
Your greatness isn’t going anywhere – no need to bite off more than you can chew.
Every breath makes a difference. Thank you.

Joshua Falcon-Grey

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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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