The Intentional Imbalance: An Effective Energy Ratio for Acceleration

The Intentional Imbalance:
An Effective Energy Ratio for Acceleration

The feminine aspect is not a thinker.

According to her, thinking and focus is a waste of time.

“I’m a deep relaxer”, she says.

This is the feminine way, the accumulator of power.

I learn what I know as I type. By letting it go, information is generated by power. I describe what I witness. The divine father leads the way through her, the heart.

At the same time, I have a very masculine mechanism at work.

I move my energy (my sense of self) deeper into Truth by breathing when I don’t want to breath.

This is called pushing through resistance. This is a very focused perspective.

Not for everyone. Controlling our perspective is The Warrior tool.

Being available to power is a feminine tool.

I have spent so much time focusing my mind, honing my masculine, learning to trust myself through intense discipline, that my resistance does not stand a chance of survival.

My body is naturally equalizing to the strength of my mind. There is a natural space holding by the mind for the body. Whichever one is stronger will lead the way.

Eventually my body will be stronger and my mind will fully dissolve into it. I have set a very high standard by placing my body/mind ratio so far out of balance.

This sets me up for incredible success because my body/power was no choice but to catch up by osmosis. The power which can be stored in this method is amazing, because it’s not confusing when a strong mind is sculpted to handle and attune. And a strong mind knows his to detach itself and rest in God.

When I work with people remotely, I reflect specifically to cultivate their mind and body power simultaneously. Because it’s simultaneous, this facilitates both individuation and awakening of the mind simultaneously.

This creates one of the most powerfully accelerated refinement experiences on the planet.

This is all done in an angelic safe space because I am crystal clear on my sexuality. Meaning: There is absolutely zero chance of me being an unsafe person, so I can go anywhere emotionally.

I am frequently invited to sleep in women’s beds with them after sessions (when I travel) because they know I do not take advantage of their vulnerable space. We are actual friends.

This is all to illustrate: A purified heart can lead to a purified mind, and a purified mind can lead to a purified heart. Your biological gender is generally a good indication of how you’re primed.

Your biological gender is also a good indication of what you need. Feminine primed people will crave and cultivate the masculine, and vice versa.

When the masculine is integrated deeply, it very much resembles the feminine and vice versa. As traces of sexual distortion are purged, gender becomes the opposite of what we had expected.

Happy to answer any questions, I know this is all a bit complex and counterintuitive. I personally find the mechanics very helpful to understand so I know in which direction to move.

My 1on1 sessions this year will be beyond incredible, highly recommended if you want that breakthrough and you want it now.

I still look forward to writing a detailed account soon of my recent massive death and upgrade in the Truth Dojo FB group.

Thank you!

Joshua Falcon-Grey

P.S. Thank you Danah Bosch for the image!

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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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