Something you may not know about me, I am a killer.

Like a hawk, I swoop down and ravage my enemies.

I am a destroyer, laser focused with the utmost determination.

But my enemies are not people.

And neither are my enemies ideas.

The only enemy is the invisible veil which is wrapped around our sensory system.

And interestingly, this enemy is defeated only by forgiveness, for its intelligence is sourced from the same place we are all sourced.

This enemy was designed by source to be put to death, and this can only be achieved by cultivating the strength of a true predator.

We must become what we are afraid of. It is inevitable.

We desire what we fear. We are attracted to people and situations to whom we give our authority.

Naturally, prey fears predators.

As children, we are more aligned with the role of prey. From a child’s perspective, adults are stronger and make the rules. And children are trained to follow the rules ‘or else’. Or else the predator will take advantage of their greater strength.

This is how abuse of power has been propagated.
Parents have taken their position for granted, not sufficiently empathizing with the role of prey who’s life is at stake in every moment. Children must bend to adult will, to give up their preferences in exchange for survival.

The arrogance and entitlement that parents embody as they push children around creates a deep sense within the children that they are ‘in danger’ and that they can become prey at any time.

As adults, the spiritual work we are tasked with depends on our initial level of awareness in regards to this predator/prey conditioning. If we are not aware of our fear (our prey conditioning), our first task must be to experience the shame which prevents us from awareness. The narcissistic wounding type generally has a ‘toughened’ mind, which operates on a coping mechanism which refuses to acknowledge that the fear exists at all.

Underneath, the narcissist is an empath just like any other human. As the self-identified empath generally experiences fear much more consciously, they believe they lack the mental toughness to pierce into it without assistance. The reformed narcissist is therefore one of the most helpful allies. Similarly is the mentally toughened empath.

It’s no coincidence that Christ is represented by a lion in the world of Narnia. Every spiritual master is a living embodiment of intensity, not prey. Furthermore, True embodiment is not compelled to take advantage of that intensity, unless absolutely necessary.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth” could be restated as “The prey shall allow themselves to become predators”. In our culture, “perpetrators” being referred to as “predators” is highly disempowering for the psyche of all. Ironically, people “on the hunt” for “predators” are in a predatory role themselves. Self-denial at its finest.

It is the humble predator who is able to handle their power. Humans are such incredibly powerful beings, more so than most can ever realize. If trauma is released through a moment of anger, this energy can be laser focused and become fatal to the recipients. All humans have these super-abilities and these have been ‘switched off’ for good reason until we are adult enough to become totally responsible with power.

The trauma we experience in stopping us from fully expressing our anger is actually helpful and valid until are reformed and touched by the grace of humility. As inconvenient as it may be, we need this growth curve.

This alchemical experience of simultaneously becoming predator and prey in our own lives is exactly what allows for the release of Kundalini from the sacral zone. Predatory energy is often experienced as the hunger of sexuality, as a safe space for the inner teen to ‘practice’ the embodiment of the inner adult.

The inner predator, the inner adult, is not developed linearly, but rather holistically in fractal formation. In this dynamic, there is no start point and no end point. Our inner adult begins to be developed in the womb before we are born, and can be developed infinitely throughout our lives, more and more deeply shedding imprints of our previous identities.

When a body is in deep trauma, the heart is protected by a strong predatory force, while the mind is chaotic like a baby. It’s important to note that chaotic minds can appear deceptively simplistic. The real litmus test is that they tend to perceive chaos, not necessarily identify with it. The True mature predator perceives only divine order. #realadulting

As we develop ourselves into the predator of our own lives, the expression of our heart becomes the soft and liberated lamb, while our mind becomes the dragon, the lion, the killer (When we talk about “lionheart”, this is really what we’re referring to. The strength of a lion with the playfulness of a lamb). The Mind is the chosen one, the steward of the heart.

Simultaneously, our predatory mind is humble enough to take orders from nature (God). A lion isn’t going to leap off a cliff or take on 20 hyenas at once. Nature respects nature.

Thank you so much for reading. Feel free to share and happy to answer any questions.


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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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