Intent vs Intention

Intent vs Intention

In Toltec terminologies, there is a big difference between intent and intention.

Often in the spiritual community there is a huge focus on setting intention, which is a great idea on paper but in practice it is generally misunderstood and used in unconscious ways which further promote self denial, reinforcing old patterns.

Intention is something we create with the mind.
If the mind has ruled our perspective our whole lives, trying to address an issue with the very tool that created the issue is not just silly but deeply deluded.

Intent is the intuitive impulse streaming through the high-heart (thymus). This is the “gateway to the subconscious” or more precisely this is the organ which we then dictates an appropriate assemblage which dictates how we are to shape our energy body.

More precisely, Intent is also called The Intent of Spirit. This is consciousness, the force that moves all things.

As sourcerers our bias is toward stalking and accumulating power in order to direct intent.
Sometimes this is simply to regain our personal emotional health by re-directing harmful intent which is circulating within us.

This requires power. We all naturally desire more power, and we must understand this is not a selfish desire but rather it is our responsibility as individual pieces of the whole. We alone are responsible for using our life as the art canvas it is designed to become.

Arranging the mind toward being skeptical of the false limitations of the mind (we call these boundaries the dreaming membrane) is truly the only way to be consistently available to power.

Beyond this membrane of rationality, intent is much more obvious. We already feel it’s impulses in every moment, but they can be easily misinterpreted.

To direct intent means to own yourself. You are intent. You are a miracle. This topic is meant to humble you to your own natural abilities which have been severely under-utilized.

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