My motive in writing today is based on my value that I must question everything pushed forcefully into public spaces.

I am inspired to ask:

Are we being fed nourishment or poison?

Are we really encouraging only education, or are on a less visible level are we also encouraging guilt?

Are we really moving toward an authentic place of connection, or are we actually illuminating all of the internal beliefs which cry out in frustration that this ideal may never be possible?

I am noticing in our current cultural climate, there are deep emotional implications created as a subtle means of restricting power in those who receive our messages.

In our shame and guilt based culture, controlling each other with shame and guilt is the default mechanism for gaining influence. People are actively looking or material over which they can rationalize and solidify their shame.

I saw people yesterday tricking each other into reading about certain topics in order to educate them against their will.

Not only is this not effective, this is going to create pushback, distrust, and exacerbated hatred.

Intentional provoking is also known as self-sabotage.

Some are willing to play the shame and blame game and some are not.

Some are willing to bend their will, specifically because they do not trust their own innocence.

In such a climate, those who trust their own innocence may even be regarded as evil or arrogant. Out of touch, or ignorant, among other name-calling agendas.

The claim of “We are all guilty”, is not helpful, nor is it true.

Guilt is an emotion, not a cultural status. The Innocent/Guilty Judicial system is not authentic to the mechanics of the soul, it is based upon emotionally manipulative sickness, and we have been trained to judge each other in the same way.

Our “modern” world is oriented backward from the Truth. There are of course many different dimensions and orientations which can define Truth.

The Actual Truth MUST be in alignment with the soul, even if the mind is conditioned not to agree. Highlighting YOUR soul’s direction is THE Truth.

The guilt and shame drive is the same old self-berating conditioning which has kept us down for centuries, and needs to be unraveled in order to move forward ourselves as a species.

Chronic guilt is a fear control system, and is the opposite of Love.

Chronic guilt is religious conditioning, not independent perception.

For example, consider within yourself if there is ay resistance to these healthy and balanced statements:




People are becoming desperate, antsy, and scared of publicly enjoying themselves.

This is the way the big brother control system wants it to be.

Keep in mind:

Fun creates Fun.

Peace creates Peace.

Unconscious Anger creates Unconscious Anger.

Conscious Anger creates Conscious Anger.

Restriction creates Restriction.

Freedom creates Freedom.

1 = 1.

2 = 2.

Do the math.

While the perspective of Sympathy is fearful and arrogant, empathy does NOT require one to stop having fun.

The reasons for this moment of cultural anger and lashing out are obvious. This upheaval process is natural, we must go through it in order to come out the other side.

Anger is the most avoided stage of the grieving process.

And we are eating this opportunity up like candy.

This is very energetically useful.

As our options for moving forward are starting to become more clear, identity decisions being made now are still quite premature.

Don’t forget we are still expressing our anger.

Before the whole Truth is even revealed, people are already asking:

-Which people and ideologies are we going to cling to while the Old World goes down in flames?

-Which people and ideologies represent the Truth for me, as the Old World we know collapses?

Most people would benefit by asking themselves:

-Which people and ideologies have a vision for the New World which feels supportive and embracing of all that I am, in a sustainable vibe I could actually live with?

Many people are taking this opportunity to commit to an image of themselves, to commit to which cultural performance they want to be associated with.

Without being fully expressed and grieved, motives behind these commitments for most people are coming from a place of fear.

Fear of being left behind, fear of being isolated, primal fears of being destroyed.

When lifestyles are drastically changing, people cannot help but cling to righteousness and thus to betray the truth of their creative essence.

There is no other way for the purging to happen, until the expression finds its true power and the dead-end direction of fighting strikes a chord of true beauty to behold. Whether this up-leveling is messy or precise, there is no other way.

Otherwise, our actions and inactions based on fear will land us in social constructs where we are surrounded by other fearful people.

For those interested in taking advantage of these critical moments we can remember:

By adopting values in which we are actively opposing anything, we also refuse to experience our own personal pain and the resistance of our internal experience.

By fighting anything, we are avoiding our inner denial and hatred – and those are the true invisible issues we are trying to end – by means of getting everybody else to change around us.

I know this internal ownership is easier said than done, which is why I have invested so many years into mastering this in order to now speak in this way.

Being in opposition naturally helps us to discover that we do not fundamentally believe we can actually have what we want.

Being in opposition is not a “problem”. It is simply founded on the perception that every perceived problem needs a solution.

A truly effective solution is not what it appears to be. The solution is not as easy as a public fight or a campaign or education.

In a backward culture, the best education the existing system can provide still falls short in cultivating an individual steeped in true empowerment.

Additionally, education is NOT able to permeate or assimilate inside of a frightened nervous system. The more fear exists, the less learning is possible.

Getting louder is indeed the solution to expressing anger, so let us embrace that. But don’t be fooled – there is no other purpose to raising our voices.

The solution in the end is always your individual empowerment. The solution is always your natural gifts and talents. You can NOT and you will NOT get away from the Truth of your Soul’s creative calling.

The solution must always be founded in each individual journey into maturity, whatever that path appears to be.

Without maturity, all decisions are at least partially ineffective – except for the awareness which is derived from the pain of ineffective decisions.

Without maturity, fighting appears to be one of the reasonable available options.

And it appears to be a glorious fight, until it becomes just another a bloodbath in history.

And then we all curl up to lick our wounds and to evaluate what our new identities have become.

When someone takes a stand for something they believe in, that is absolutely amazing. I encourage that. Especially if it is truly coming from them, and not something they are told to believe by anyone else.

The hurt inside of us will always be able to find enemies and danger. My deeper intention here and now is to connect with your essence, free of any human history.

I am here to celebrate the gift that is YOU.

Be Cherished now more than ever.

Be Bold and Generous in your process now more than ever.

Be Innocent and Redeemed now more than ever.

And I will do the same, as we transform together.


Joshua Brandon Pánczér

P.S. It takes a lot of focused energy to write in this way. If you feel it has benefitted you, I am open to contributions. I am about to move into a new partnership lifestyle and this would be very helpful.

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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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