For many centuries, yogic secrets of power have been transferred orally within their lineage, from vetted teachers to committed students.
As the heart of humanity begins to open, and communications evolve drastically within the context of the information age, these secrets have become much more widely available and also have morphed into entirely newer and often incomplete technologies.
This has created a hodgepodged arena of personal development offerings across a wide social spectrum of spiritual disciplines.
When advertised, we are familiar with the claims toward target audiences ranging from the cure for depression, to high-performance money making habits, to better loving and relating, to the answer for all-knowing and all-powerful supernatural abilities.
In this process, methods and perspectives have become available to people who perhaps otherwise would never in their lifetime be exposed to such materials.
To immature personalities who are misunderstanding (and craving) power, and have not yet deepened into their own humility, access to the infinite reservoir of power within the soul can seriously exacerbate mental health issues. If such power access is not properly scaffolded (tiered) according to the maturity of the self-image, these offerings essentially fall into the “wrong hands” and are then wielded as instruments of “specialness” and lusty phallic temptations.
Promises of time-bending sorcery are now being procured for anyone willing to spend 5 figures, no matter how this money was attained. Anyone willing to subject themselves to an excruciating process for 8-12 weeks, is promised access to power beyond power.
The only issue is, true maturity does not happen in 8-12 weeks. The nervous system is very much in the realm of “time” and needs plenty of rest, plenty of of integration, plenty of community, physical detoxification, plenty of alone time, and a variety of types of experiences to be able to witness itself in new contexts. There is such a thing as power being introduced more rapidly than an immature nervous system, not yet prepared to handle such revelations, can handle.
As you are likely aware, this has brought us into a landscape figuratively riddled with teenagers holding flamethrowers. This power might be used to lure others into spiritual thought-gangs, designed for fulfilling the allure of willfully carving out fame and highlighting self-importance (based on the shadow of self-pity). This style of throwing weight around is especially tempting when “othering” those who are not in the club and are seen as less than worthy.
This brings us back to the exact same issue we started with, but simply strung across a much more extreme and flashy context. Sometimes called Spiritual Materialism, these perspectives of radical eroticism, cash obsessions, goddess and king role-playing, and all the other fancy terms and titles have essentially replaced the cliché ferrari and mansions that used to fill the same emptiness for grasping onto something tangible for alleviating the perceived lack of love.
I too have been a part of the community who is selling personal development related services, and while I don’t believe in competition, I have been quite shocked to see the claims of those who are making similar offerings. For those that know me, I have taken a step back from my offerings at this time in order to re-contextualize myself amongst all of the power dynamics infused self-promotion.
When someone is desperate to sell their services, it seems to be that one of the first go-to emotional tug points is to create a sense of elitism. By making their target audience feel that they have found someone “special”, they can then maintain their specialness all the way through whatever the training program is. Then they finally get to emerge as a King or a Queen or a Goddess or a Sorcerer or a manifestor or a Lion or whatever archetype their branding holds up high. What is NOT made transparent, in this context, is the future steps which will be necessary to remove these archetypal dependencies which have been grasped onto. To dissolve the need to see oneself as a Queen or a King or a Goddess or whatever the original promise was. To be a simple and humble person tends not be the most attractive or flashy promise. Teen consciousness knows how to market to teen consciousness.
The Truth is, most people would rather be popular rather than enlightened. Most people would rather be rich than fearless. Enlightenment is simple and subtle and not flashy in any way. It is not objectively “valuable” as an experience, in the way that all of the spiritual attainment promises appear to be valuable.
Meanwhile, there is an increasing focus on being politically correct and socially acceptable, blaming people for not manifesting properly, living a 5D existence (because it is what all the cool kids are doing), and becoming educated in how to say all the “right” things and to become an influencer.
It is not often acknowledged that there IS no right thing to say. The way we experience ourselves is rarely represented accurately through writing or speaking alone.
Some incredibly advanced people are not skilled communicators, while (correspondingly) some very sticky personalities are actually incredible communicators.
This confusion is exactly the way that politicians have managed, time and time again, to manipulate populations because they had clever methods of speaking.
Marketing works, even on the very discerning and very well educated. Especially when they don’t realize they are being marketed to.
The little boy or little girl within each of us is craving for an adult to believe in us, to nurture us, and to show us “the way”. This is not wrong, and indeed this is a necessary and helpful impulse to grow when being escorted by an embodied adult consciousness. But unfortunately, to the little boy or little girl, a teen can easily appear to be an adult.
Teen consciousness is obsessed with differentiating themselves and rebelling form the status quo, which creates a material promise of “escape” or freedom from some kind of self-imposed shackles. This is exactly like luring a moth to a flame, thirsting for the specialness of being set apart, when the truth of maturity is becoming more and more integrated into the fabric of humanity.
Granted, by writing this expose, we are not ending the issue. And it’s worth mentioning as well, we must become teens before we can become fully mature adults, so it’s not as if these processes are worthless. These are all stages of development, and they exist for a purpose. It would behoove us all to simply be aware that the promise of flashy power wielding and manifestation is always going to fall flat if we gain these skills within the context of a personality structure that craves satisfaction at any level. If we are not in touch with the truth of our own motives (what imagined scenario = Satisfaction?), or the motives of our mentors (what imagined scenario = Satisfaction?), it is a fairly reliable indicator that more disappointment is likely around the corner. This is not a bad thing, this is just exactly what is needed to deepen our evolution and to humble us to the very core until we are entirely showing up innocently in service to the all pervading unity, as the all pervading unity.
Living authentically, in Truth, is a very soft and vulnerable experience. Vulnerability is who we really are. Any services that are selling a lifestyle of successfully becoming the toughest or comparatively claiming to be “the best” at anything, is perpetuating ambition and therefore a separation within. The focus needs to move away from the obsession with how we appear, who we date, or what we do, and toward the gentle and simple quality of how we experience our own hearts. At the moment, this is why I am currently focused on the direction of “creativity” rather than “healing”.
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Joshua Brandon Pánczér
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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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