Revealing Context to Prevent Assumptions

It has come to my attention that while I get a lot of positive feedback on what I write, I also receive a good amount of pushback and misunderstandings in my shares, specifically because I provide insufficient context for everyone to truly “get it”. I drew the “context” card from a deck last night and this gave me a light bulb moment – that’s what is apparently missing.
I don’t normally speak directly about myself or my viewpoints too much in my posts. Most of my writings are simply channeled information, which educates me too in the process. It’s exciting to post and feel the osmosis of energy into the collective. This comes from a profound innocence, and more often than not I’m surprised that people can possibly take offense or feel judged by what I share (when I am taking a stand for the heart of all humanity).
Some of this missing context that I mentioned, which may not be obvious in my writing, is that I do not have the ability to judge people. That part of me has died completely. Because this is the case, I have given myself ample permission to fiercely provide my perspective because I simply don’t see myself as being capable of hurting people.
One person commented, “it sounds like you want to fight anybody and everybody”. What can I say to this? I agree that it would be helpful to share differently – but sharing less fiercely isn’t always the answer.
I am a gentle, generous, highly empathic, and fun-loving person. I’m also a keen systems designer and (for better or worse) quite intellectually oriented.
I very much trust my intellect. It is quite refined and serves me greatly. I don’t use it against people, I use it for people. For evolution, and for validating an ever-increasing emotional awareness. My intellect serves my being, as well as the light of others.
The issue arises when someone becomes afraid that I am using my intellect for other purposes. This is what people have experienced in the past, and so this is projected onto me. Often. Almost every time I share something. People believe their conclusions, based on their assumptions. People will assume I am out to shame them, to moralize, to divide, etc.
I do have my shadows of course, and I am happy to share about them (but judging people is not it). Just the other day I identified a past life memory from which my core wounding and shadow derives. This has lead me to fear any public display of my happiness around other people. To only feel safe being happy by myself. To “suffer in solidarity”. This is my shadow, this is where I have a tendency to squash the light. It is essentially of a witch-burning trauma, several lifetimes of being persecuted for my abilities.
When I am channeling neutral information which calls out my own shadow tendency, this has the effect of indirectly calling out other gentle, generous, kind-hearted people. People who are often persecuted already. People are would be considered “the meek”. And it can feel like an attack, of course, to be seen in what feels like a lens of evaluation. On the contrary, these are literally the keys to the meek inheriting the Earth.
And this is the point of what I need to convey today: Writing about the existence of phenomena is not the same as evaluating them. Revealing the mechanics of energies is not the same as taking sides. Exercising my freedom to choose my own use of language (and by proxy essentially rejecting mainstream viewpoints) is not the same as elitism or arrogance. Choosing what line of thinking is right for me is not the same as saying it’s right for everybody. Someone who doesn’t want to take this path need not subscribe to my work.
This subtle fear of arrogance also ends up becoming a barometer for evaluating whether “this person has too much power”. If someone is too outspoken, too certain, sees themselves as too innocent, allows their full expression, or sees themselves as entitled to love and happiness – while most people in my sphere tend to be quite supportive, one or two people tend to get quite loud and irritated. It’s not my job to point out the conditioning which leads people to act out in this way. However, as I mentioned my shadows earlier, it can still make me feel sad when people villanize me.
Of course, if someone is totally obnoxious it doesn’t phase me – but these are often very well-meaning people who I would not want to block from my life. So, moving forward, I am taking it upon myself to provide better context. I am asking myself how I can serve a wider population, take more verbal ownership for my motives, and perhaps even provide necessary trigger warnings (does that really work?) when my viewpoint will likely be a bit controversial. I’m also asking my community to take what I’ve shared here into account and to feel free to ask me for additional context as needed.
Thank you so much for reading,
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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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