Video: Responsibilities of an Empath


But are you really?

Or is that belief reinforcing the issue?

It’s common for people to identify as victims of their own energy patterns as if nothing can be done.

The difference between balanced, detached empathy and being identified as “An Empath” thereby perpetuating the suffering experience.

Someone who identifies as an empath has an overabundance of stuck feminine energy based on childhood coping mechanisms which leads them to taking on emotions of the people around them thereby often leading to autoimmune dysfunction. An energy master has the ability to activate feminine and masculine energies in their fields at will depending on what would serve them best.

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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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