We are Not Allowed to be Powerful

We are Not Allowed to be Powerful
This piece is writing is for me, and also for you. I’m touching here on a very deep wound of humanity.
I have done my best to cull my relationships down to only a few hundred people. There may be someone reading this piece who absolutely cannot stand it. If what I write below creates a trigger, I salute you in your process. And potentially in the process of deleting me from your idea of existence – that’s what this piece is about!
It is fascinating to me how when I speak, people will sometimes try to erase the words I just said as if they’d never happened.
Yesterday I attempted to help someone I care about to come out of their personal hell, and someone else responded disrespectfully, saying “no one can help anyone”.
Well, if that’s not neglect conditioning I don’t know what it is. Having helped hundreds of people through a very specific process, I can say for certain that this is not correct. I’m saying it here, to you, because you can probably hear me better than that person (whom I did not even bother responding to).
Sometimes I leave a comment with my thoughts for someone on their Facebook post, and there are only crickets – no response. What I responded with was too inconvenient.
Or I meet someone and they are not able to look me in the eye. Or someone asks my opinion about something and then finishes my sentence without even letting me speak – not available for the nuanced response which would actually benefit them.
People are accustomed to protecting their inner world from invaders. And of course, being invaded has happened before so it was a genuinely learned behavior – it made sense at one time.
When this happens, they don’t even realize what they are shutting out. I am being objectified like I am a TV station to be simply tuned out. Objectification consciousness is the one and only thing preventing humanity from evolution which is our birthright.
It’s not that I’m offended. This is a very important conversation. Not everyone is available, and It’s up to each of us to select relationships that are suitable and sustainable, according to how deeply we connect with Spirit.
One major reason that I see for this widespread objectification consciousness is the Judeo/Christian religious teachings many of us have grown up with.
There was once a holy man, be it Jesus or Moses or Abraham, there was once a holy man who had a direct connection with G-D in some way. The implication being: If you aren’t in the Bible, you don’t have a direct connection with G-D.
The absurdity of this is immense. Why is Jesus the only son of G-D?
Why is Jesus the only one who knows the secrets of the universe?
Why is Jesus the only one who can heal the blind?
Why must everyone else be a sinner?
Wouldn’t it be lovely if we had a world of people who were as connected and powerful as Jesus?
And yet, the very prospect of this fabulous utopia is considered blasphemy?
Honestly, I feel that being in an environment of devout Christians would be one of the most likely spaces for an awakened person to be crucified – maybe not physically, but at least outcast energetically.
I participated in a Christian men’s group when I lived in Utah where I was ignored, denied, and outcast every time I spoke up about what I could See would be helpful for the group. No one even asked any questions about what I meant. Totally dismissed.
They were not able to hear me. They would not allow me to lead a 5-minute guided journey. They did not consider that awakening was possible. I was compartmentalized as a “Yoga and Meditation guy” – where in fact I really don’t participate in either.
The insistence on not Seeing was actually impressive.
The pastor I met with was quite offended when I disclosed to him that the Bible is a book of sorcery codes. He took this as an insult as if carrying around a book of hints toward developing personal power is “evil”. I define evil as the desire to harm others.
Being powerful is not evil.
How ironic and fascinating – everyone wants to “be saved” and yet when they are approached with the clues to how they can save themselves, they are instantly triggered. So what do they actually want?
Popular Christianity is designed to point at a power source outside of us. Praying from deficiency is begging for a savior. This is literally codependency.
There were 3 individuals who represented the Christed being, and yet Christianity has symbolically melded those 3 beings into one being and named him Jesus. That’s fine, I don’t really have a problem with that. This makes for one incredibly powerful symbol. Even though the name “Jesus” never existed. The symbolic teacher here is actually an excellent Guru.
For some reason, it is very difficult for Christians to hear that their Guru is a Guru. I can’t understand why this would even be a problem. Every genuine Guru represents the Christed voice of G-D to their disciples, that’s how it works. Why would it be more convenient if there was only one true Guru? I have learned from probably 100 fabulous teachers. There are so many wonderful, skilled, incredibly loving beings out there to learn from.
It is way too inconvenient to confront that the entire construct of Christianity was organized – NOT by a Christed individual – but by many authors who later recorded, modified, modified, translated, and mistranslated the teachings. It’s like an insane game of telephone, in which the Roman Empire purchased the phone company and scrambled it all up before it got to us.
From Christian standards: You are not allowed to be enlightened.
Anyone who says they are enlightened is a narcissist. Therefore, it must be kept a secret. And one certainly can’t teach enlightenment, this would be satanic.
People are literally allergic to power. People are literally allergic to the thing they desire the most. How is this considered sane?
The Dream of the World is so entirely backward, there is not even an opening to recognize “you are not your personality”.
This is entirely obvious to most people in my world nowadays, and there are thousands of books about this on Amazon, but in the mainstream, this still sounds ridiculous.
Obviously, in the mainstream, a huge number of deeply disturbed people have labeled sanity as insanity. And in doing so, they have marked insanity as sanity. This goes beyond irony – this is sick and twisted.
The truth is, assuming people who speak about certain things are narcissists is itself narcissistic behavior.
Assuming someone is a narcissist because we are triggered by their experience of reality – this is called projection.
Of course, some people truly do have Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Most of them are not awakened, but some of them are.
Enlightened people are not flawless, that is a major misconception. Their human is always a human.
The person never awakens. Awakening happens around a person.
The small self remains the small self.
Just because someone is enlightened doesn’t mean they have nothing to learn.
Just because someone is enlightened doesn’t mean they are a spiritual master. There is a big difference.
There are levels of awakening. I see it as 5 levels. The final, 5th level is when someone is completely finished.
It’s rare for someone to be finished. Through shaktipat is the only reliable way I know of for this to occur.
Abraham Lincoln was enlightened. It’s not even that rare.
Probably 75% of the people reading this are enlightened. Normalize that.
Someone can be a narcissist and a genuinely enlightened person at the same time. I have met many of these characters.
Someone can also be a humble and truly benevolent enlightened person, with the same level of enlightenment as a Christed being.
Christianity wants to ignore that it is even possible for this to exist. I honestly want to know, what good does this do the world to believe “we can’t”?
In the Dream of the World, people are not allowed to become powerful. And so we pray from a place of deficiency. We hope. We worship ideas.
We worship someone we’ve never met.
We worship someone we don’t even know the name of.
And if someone in our midst is able to help us, they are the new enemy.
My intention with this writing is to spur in the collective a new level of investigation and personal accountability.
Enough with the dogmatic and close-minded belief system. Infinity wants you, and you want infinity.
Let’s get over that hurdle.
The only thing to Fear is Fear itself.
I hope that message is obvious.
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