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As souls expand, they feed on themselves and grow brighter and brighter.

The pure joy experienced in this process is represented by the Ouroboros – the snake eating its own tail. And of course, this can very easily be misunderstood.

In fact, the most common misunderstanding is the notion of ‘evil’. Permission to ‘Be Evil’ is an expansion of the soul just as any other kind of permission. The difference is simply that one who can truly See makes the subtle distinction of honoring life in the process.

The fear of being evil in fact dwarfs the actual amount of evil on the planet.

Fear of being evil is the bottleneck. This is what must be addressed at the root. This is why it is imperative we reclaim our innate innocence.

A toxic environment is one which either feeds the fear of evil (very common) or encourages the evil (more rare).

Pure joy in its unlimited form is very likely to be seen as maniacal and unstable. There is very little room for pure joy in our society, as pure joy is a rapid expansion of power. And power is often incorrectly associated with evil, because of the permission which they both have in common.

This is best illustrated in the sex act. Incredibly powerful and maniacally joyful sex requires a level of permission most people do not grant themselves. Sex is often made out to be a personal experience, where in its purest form it is only a representation of power feeding on itself. There is nothing personal about this.

And now, look how evil this sounds! Sex is not personal? Are you for real?

Sex is, of course, a very tender and vulnerable experience for the person…for the mind. This is very true, and this is why we honor it so deeply: for the mind.

But according to power directly, it’s just one of many other gateways into power feeding in itself. And when power feeds on itself without honoring the mind, that’s what’s known as evil. But it moves us forward nonetheless.

This can be confusing because even acts of evil move our planet forward. Thus, we are always making progress. This is a very delicate subject because it can sound nihilistic as if it doesn’t matter.

And this is the uncomfortable paradox of human life. Personal reality, of course, matters very much, and simultaneously our decisions are essentially irrelevant.

And we get to decide what this freedom means. Truly holding and directing that energy means creating a container of empathy for the fragile state of the mind.

The enlightened heart knows infinite empathy. We get to apply our detached permission to infinite empathy and the resulting power is highly benevolent, which is exactly the formula that designed the benevolent universe.

As Power feeds on itself, so does time. Time itself is simply the name we give this expansion process. And as power grows, as we gain expertise in feeding on ourselves, the process becomes more efficient and so time appears to shrink down – which is literally happening.

Collective Ascension, therefore, is nothing more than becoming highly efficient at evolving as one collective organism, no longer hindered by space and time.

Time is a perception.

The Adult self is integrated more deeply with power, as their self-image changes. This is why God is often experienced as Mother and Father.

So, Time speeds up as we reunite with the ultimate adult self and purify our innocent inner child.

And simultaneously this gives us the capacity to slow down in every moment.

Thus, the paradox of life…as many of us have heard, slow down to speed up.

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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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