The Shadowed Shaman


Many people are wondering who in the healing world is trustworthy and who is not.

We’ve all heard or experienced horror stories of sexual misconduct and either forms of abuse.

So what’s the difference?

The Shadowed Shaman is in this game for themselves, not for you.

The True Guide is in this game for you, because they view you as an aspect of themselves.

The Shadowed Shaman hasn’t matured enough to practice self-control in the face of instant gratification impulses.

The True Guide may or may not experience egoic impulses but is very clear on where they come from, and thus uses them as a tool for greater Truth and vulnerability.

The Shadowed Shaman is either obsessed with money or hates money.

The True Guide has clear and easy boundaries on transactions, is not easy to take advantage of, and also is not trying to make themselves appear more important than anyone else.

The Shadowed Shaman is obsessed with making an impact at any cost, in order to prove they are powerful.

The True Guide makes an impact in much more subtle ways, skillfully weaving soul fragments together. Done well, it’s almost as if nothing happened and it had always been that way. It’s not about getting credit for making a powerful impact as much as it’s about making progress toward completion of wounding loops.

The Shadowed Shaman over-indulges in appearances and imagery, to hide their own wounding.

The True Guide lays it all on the line, making themselves available to be judged as human. Without self-sabotaging, pointlessly tattle-taling on themselves/throwing themselves under the bus.

The Shadowed Shaman is attached to their title and needs to play a role. “I am the healer!”

The True Guide is many things to many people and simply honors their skill sets. Guidance is not their identity.

The Shadowed Shaman must be right, must be the authority, and becomes aggressive if cornered.

The True Guide doesn’t have any personal need to convince you of anything. They share generously only because it feels right.

The Shadowed Shaman is in a hurry, is impatient, and often arrogant about their healing agenda.

The True Guide knows that everything is going to be just fine. No individual needs to heal in order for the planet to move forward.

The Shadowed Shaman may well be a charismatic salesperson, who says all the right things, and may even have the fancy lifestyle to prove their value. They may use words like “Sacred” and “Quantum” as a way of baiting with lingo.

The True Guide may or may not have a fancy lifestyle, but they don’t see any relevancy in flaunting it as a motivator to take action. They have a very personal relationship with the Quantum field for the purpose of Seeing and Completing Emotional Trauma. Every moment is Sacred, thus making the word nearly irrelevant.

The Shadowed Shaman may literally think they are ‘the best’.

The True Guide cannot take credit, but simply honors their gifts. They have no interest in the comparison game. This often makes them harder to find as a result.

What resonates with your experience?

Photo by: “gataquimera” on instagram

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