Stalking the Riddle



The personality is extremely tricky and coming at it directly puts it “on guard” and it defends itself.

Nothing has worked better in my own awakening experience than “being tricked”. It seems naughty, but if you do it with great integrity and intent, it unlocks the riddles of the heart.

That opening to the mystery is really all that is needed. And opening does not happen without feeling safe. And Feeling safe does not happen while being defensive.

Hearts need to deeply be met with great fun, purity, creativity, and humility, and most people literally do not believe this is possible because of the core human experience of identifying with unworthiness.

When I do sessions with people, they are knowingly paying me to trick them into seeing their self-sabotage. I do that through theater because storytelling it makes it impossible to maintain our stubbornly defensive blind spots.

So, the solution is creativity. Creativity naturally appears “tricky” to the ego because it is spontaneous and unexpected. It does not run on a pattern whatsoever. Combinations and choices and vibrations can happen across spectrums and dimensions. Nothing is trickier than the vastness of reality. And so, tricking the ego into seeing its self-sabotage is really all that ever causes us to relax into the authentic passion of who we are.

The “Small I” is the personal self. This is the spastic, paranoid, fearful identity created by an overstimulated nervous system. It seems like “it is me” but actually it is just an unprocessed emotional charge trying to find a way out. Because we are resisting letting go of control, and so we are attempting to control God: The vast stream of energy of creative life force bursting through every cell in our body as a stream of LIGHT, DARK, ETERNAL LOVE – the “Big I” is revealed – this is the infinite creative intelligence which represents Infinity – we call this the Nagual. The Small I, the finite self, limited beautiful animal self – we call this the Tonal. We tend to this “Island of the Tonal” to ensure everything is in its right place.

The weaving of these two together is also called Tantra. This is the holy integration of our being, this is finished the process of “Being born on this planet” fully. This Unity creates in our energetic proximity the “Unified Field”. The Unified Field is what we also know as The Warrior Spirit. It builds itself through you, and AS you, as you BUILD it through this divine trusting of life force (Tantra) at the same time as Building the Will (Toltec).

This impossible-to-explain sensation of building the Will is what we call Unbending Intent. It is the directional pressing into merging of the personal Will and the “Holy Will”. The more the personal Will resists the Holy Will (our internal blinders), our viewpoint remains rigid and we cannot allow change to occur. The dimensional shape and decisions of exactly how our perception is currently assembled is called the Assemblage Point.

Our Willingness to Learn to become fluid means being Willing to playfully and continuously See options, like a child. This movement, this fluidity is what we call shifting our assemblage point – this is the beginning step toward becoming CAPABLE OF MAKING GOOD DECISIONS.

FREEDOM is the POINT of ALL of this. FREEDOM is equivalent to the FLUIDITY of our perception.

So, we are STALKING (like a hunter), any areas within ourselves which are habitually rigid and need to become fluid.

And of course, there are also areas that are overly fluid and need to become MUCH more rigid. Consciousness is STALKING, that is using the Force of INTENT. If we are not Building our WILL we remain at some level completely ignorant of our INTENT.

Building FLUIDITY is the energy of divine MOTHER, Directing INTENT is the energy of the divine FATHER.

These archetypal experiences are perceived by our specific ego fixation which in the enneagram system we classify into 9 primary personality types, ego fixations, and a total of 27 subtypes.

These identifications of how OUR SPECIFIC VALUES become fixated in unhealthy ways so that we can surrender these in a very customized way for each individual.

This allows the nervous system to make a CONSCIOUS choice to surrender in a way that BUILDS self-trust in the process.

And then the more SELF-TRUST we have access to, the more our WILL is allowed [by our inner governor] to be activated.

This creates the sensation of ECSTASY which is well beyond feeling “good” and rather feels absolutely deliciously incredible beyond the point of where even discomfort and pain are normally allowed to reach.

And in this profound reaching into and also standing up to infinity, a vacuum of perception is created in which our individual POWER is allowed to expand.

Our CAPACITY for our internal energies and experiences is increased.

We become the humble, surrendered commander of our own reality.

The Tonal and the Nagual are merged into one Unified Field.

This is SOVEREIGNTY, this is the way forward.



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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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