The Hidden Predator in Women and Men

The Hidden Predator in Women and Men
Is this person a predator, is that person a predator?
Am I a predator, are you a predator?
The “ultimate topic” within transformation and shamanic integration of the true self.
This issue cannot be avoided any longer, as it has increasingly revealed itself and become more obvious inside of our own consciousness and woven throughout society.
Currently, there is a widespread feeling of hopelessness. Dread. Terror. This is why.
The current feelings of hopelessness are not a bad thing. It is the vibration of malevolence losing its grip. The “banished knowledge” is hopeless in remaining banished.
The shadow forces are hopeless in remaining a shadow.
It is all coming to the surface to be owned and power consciously reclaimed.
Everyone is afraid of predators showing up around them, and the secret is out: virtually all people are afraid of the predator showing up inside of themselves.
Avoidance of this topic has been absolutely normalized, to the degree where those who discuss it may even risk some level of social ostracization. The Victim/Savior/Perpetrator dynamic leads people to label and classify themselves inside of an absolutely false construct.
Labeling oneself as a victim or a savior or a perpetrator is violence toward the self.
Is a lion a predator because it kills a gazelle? What about a lion who is locked in a cage at a zoo against its will?
Is a hyena a predator because it kills a rabbit? What about a hyena that is hunted by poachers looking for a head to place on their wall?
Are poachers predators because they illegally hunt and kill? What about a poacher who experienced a decade of abuse by his grandparents without any acknowledgment by his family?
A person is not “this” or “that”. Trying to be a “good person” therefore is violence toward to depth of wildness that simply does not care about any such construct as good or bad. Predatory instincts have their rightful place in the mammalian kingdom (and beyond).
True compassion is not “good”. Just as predatory behavior is not “bad”. These mental constructs perpetuate and inflict greater damage every single day.
Obviously, I am not speaking to every person as I write this.
I am speaking to the people who live for Truth through transformation.
I am speaking to the people who have been deeply invalidated for honoring the truth of their souls. I am speaking to the aquarian age earth angels who are never going to forget what truth and empowerment feel like.
I do not judge others, but that does not mean I am obligated to speak to everyone.
I am not speaking to the people who prefer the ongoing comfort of the identity bubbles they hide in, avoidantly fearing great change. Not able to accept its inevitability.
I am not speaking to the silent readers who begrudgingly read my writings, stalking out those they don’t agree with simply to have a scapegoat for their frustrations.
I am not looking to change anybody. It’s impossible anyway.
I am here to inspire those who recognize what I’m saying. Who knows their inner predator is clawing its way out, and it simply needs a safe and healthy pathway to do so.
When my lizard mind is trying to convince me that emotional intensity is unsafe, I actually still have full access to my power. We are always, always connected. It is simply not apparent if my attention is focused on what I don’t want.
Self-Obsession is Not the Cure for Self-Obsession.
Our persistent narcissistic stuckness is the side effect of not having our necessary divine mirroring as children. The instinctual predator reaction is the natural transference of inadequate mirroring. It is totally normal.
If your mirroring system is broken or not functioning properly, it creates a “ghost image” – an imagined mirror created to fill in the space of the missing one.
This imagined mirror is where the foreign infection exists. This is an information virus, in place from the very beginning of humanity as we know it today. For better or worse, we must use it as an evolutionary tool. Something to make us stronger. Outgrowing the invisible harness.
This virus is a spell cast onto the domestication of the “beast” of the human chassis. This domestication process of the animal we are based upon includes many incredibly powerful upgrades as well. These upgrades simply come with a built-in “governor” to limit how our power is expressed. Placing limits on something is essentially known as “game mechanics”.
We have been placed in a cosmic hunger game without knowing it.
This cosmic hunger game is now known scientifically as the industry of epigenetics – and it will likely soon be widely known that game mechanics – when applied for our benefit – is one of the fastest formats in which to reverse these unconscious “games people play” (that is a famous psychology book title, regarding transactional analysis).
Just as with most games, the game of Epigenetics can be modified and played in a number of ways to your liking. We are fooled into believing that “how” someone does something is “the” way to do it. Again, what we see in the mirroring available to us seems to demonstrate what is possible.
In realizing we have access to Holy Law and Divine Mirroring, we are able to change the rules of the game, including stopping playing the game.
And yet sometimes the game is fun to play, anyway.
That’s freedom.
Guess who is the real predator?
Disempowered children.
These are the bullies, the ones who hurt animals, the thieves with no compassion.
They lacked a mirror of connection which creates a foundational misunderstanding of the world they live in.
Your inner predator is an angry child, knowing they did not get what they needed.
Forgiveness and grace melt us into a deeper and calming ocean. We rest our beings here, and in doing so the predator gives their power to the ultimate cause.
Nothing is bigger than peace.
Nothing is bigger than peace.
Nothing is bigger than peace.
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Joshua Edjida
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