Zombies Don’t Dream

Zombies Don’t Dream
For a man’s inner being, integrity is freedom. A womban’s inner being has a more direct understanding: freedom is freedom.
This is a subtle difference, and it is this way because womben have a womb. By simply remaining connected to the womb, womben are able to constantly collect power directly from the magnetic gravity of the earth whereas men tend more to collect power directly from light. But much more commonly: men tend to collect power through womben (who are generally more photosensitive).
For a man to collect power through a woman, he must either be either option A: violent and controlling (therefore doing it without honest consent) or option B: he must be ever-increasing in his integrity. With option B, the woman feels safe and respected and then this collection is with her consent and without an inbuilt ceiling. Obviously, the “violent and controlling“ method has not worked out so well and is deeply unsustainable. We as a species are now learning to do away with the ceiling which has been necessary due to this immature state of untrustworthiness.
The unsustainable Option A involves fixating the attention on extraction, and such directness is too harsh for the human form which is sensitive to feeling like “prey”. Through surrendered indirectness and a focus on greater service, the nervous system can let go of any feelings of being prey and can open up to new octaves of power in which our internal predator and prey are unified and dissolved into one.
Just to be clear, while men tend to gravitate toward efficiency, they tend not to be inherently aware of the subtle inefficiency of directly pursuing power (in our current societal construct) and this is what has created the control fixation in the first place. This is also why men tend to [naively] view women with arrogance when they do not process information in the same way that men do. This is what makes men one step removed from source, and this is what makes womben more naturally capable of shamanic alchemy.
Women tend to inherently know that without surrendering to our inner being we cannot trust ourselves with power. Men have been able to (irresponsibly) attain positions of power because to men this is not inherently obvious, but is becoming more so as society wakes up to the inherent (but invisible) feminine intelligence that births our world.
Our first attention, which is the typical way we focus on the world, is limited by our specific ego fixation (also known as our enneagram type). By learning about the nature of this ego fixation, we can move our “second” attention outside of these limits and perceive the effervescent dream space which is actually the deeper and more primal origin of what appears to be our first reality.
Women are waking up to realize the depth at which men actually need them and how much influence they have, and that what appeared to be a patriarchy (according to the first attention) is not actually what it seems. For women this process means fully addressing any sneaky manipulation tendencies and the underlying beliefs which create self-doubt and unnatural submission to men.
The more power we have the more we can perceive the dream space: The liminal realm in which there is no physical matter and therefore no resistance to the manifestation of thought. Our body knows this space intimately, and this is why the depths of the body’s function remain mysterious to the scientific western world (who is trying to make sense of a system by using the wrong type of attention). It’s like hiring an Italian expert to translate a Russian manuscript. We keep pouring more time and money into barking up the wrong tree. No amount of the wrong expertise is going to be helpful.
Focusing effectively on the dream space tends to feel (for me) more like hearing than seeing, and more like remembering the future than remembering the past. Learning to use our senses differently opens up a world of possibility. “Practicing” this recalibration of our sense is another way to describe the tunneling into our biological permissions system, creating the neuropathway needed until it is firmly in place. We are slowly reintroducing our awareness of our inner predator so that we can comprehend that we will not eat ourselves by reclaiming our power.
In men, Ejaculation is the typical way we escape from confronting this issue. This type of release is actually a “trigger”, and there is a deeper reason for that trigger than we tend to be aware of. Vulnerability is actually what we really want.
Dehypotizing ourselves means breaking free from the somatic zombie state we have been in – likely without conscious consent.
As we perceive the thermometer of growing energy intensity inside of us, we are presented with the opportunity to release ourselves from the narcissistic hypnosis which trapped us into a false and limited existence.
One of my favorite tools to break through this invisible zombie blanket is through energizing the eyes.
Discovered by the western world in 1987, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy is similar to the shamanic technique of reclaiming our connection to the second attention.
Whether as in EMDR moving our eyes left to right or as in the shamanic tradition of clearing the projection screen of the first attention by moving eyes in circles, the point of both is to break the very deep hypnotic spell of oral narcissism which has a stranglehold over our relationship to power (and therefore our perceived trustworthiness with power). In addition to a growing felt sense of safety, this gives us natural access to more and more sophisticated states of awareness (and self-authority, and reality authorship).
Our conscious minds are learning to respect the sacred and unfathomable power of the inner being.
Additionally, it is important to note that our bodies must physically adapt to accommodate gradual increases in power. Vomiting or sudden diarrhea are sometimes results of great influxes and so regular fasting and detoxing and enemas bring enormous permission to the body to continuously allow for opening and literally reshaping our physical structure through nature’s perfect design.
I hope this speaks to something relevant you are currently experiencing in the energies present today. If you need help applying anything here I am available for a few Quantum Theater sessions here and there, feel free to reach out. Otherwise, wishing you enormous blessings on this incredible journey.
And do share if this resonates.
Big love to you ❤
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