Many people are asking themselves right now…what can I do? How can I show up and meet the needs of society in this sensitive time?

A big portion of our experiencing life is to be experienced. To be experienced both by others and by ourselves, as creativity. To be the conduit of creative energy that others then get to be impacted by.

In fact, we are completely entitled to COMMAND that we be experienced, so long as we do NOT demand it of any specific individual. This is the difference between a violent demand and a non-violent command. Anger CAN be a very real pathway toward making an effective command when used adeptly.

We CAN have commands of the universe, and those commands will be fulfilled, so long as we don’t imagine that the outcome will be played out according to any specific set of guidelines that we can come up with in our imaginations.

This open ended command is then simply the voice of eternity which is pouring through us, deciding based on what is already decided.

If we only command that which is inevitable we will never be disappointed.

In these times when people are feeling a lot of ANGER (and rightfully so), it is important that we give our anger healthy and productive outlets into which that creative energy can land.

Because you are life itself, your energy MUST land into something physical. The most obvious way that people do this is SEX. People are (obviously) obsessed with sex, and this is because they BODY knows it must land its creative energy into physical reality.

At the highest level anger is a vehicle for passion to be finally expressed after being caged up for eons. When passion is mixed in with reaction, it becomes anger. This is a natural process of mixing the animal and human aspects.

All suppressed anger is suppressed passion, which is God wanting to express through you. If this is resisted, God is resisted, and Truth is unwelcome.

The absolute HUNGER to be experienced (desire to be seen) is the human mind’s interpretation of the animalistic desire to GET ENERGY.

To WANT, to DESIRE, to NEED, to TAKE, to CONSUME. All of this is normal and natural for the animal aspect of us. However, the animal does not have the same ability as the human has to meet these needs ourselves, which is why animals must consume only in their selected ways, whereas the ways in which humans consume transform as they evolve. And it is very clear in times like these that we are learning new ways and unlearning old ways at a rapid pace.

From Television to food to other humans….we consume energy from external sources based on our animal needs, UNTIL we learn how to focus in such a way that we can tune into those very needs and learn to CONSUME OUR SOULS directly.

This is symbolized in the ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail. Experiencing ITSELF.

The snake does NOT need to be understood in order to successfully consume itself. It is an energetic motion, not a cognitive grok.

In this redirection of focus, from OTHERS to the SELF it may initially appear unsafe until we can see that we are able release the need and desire for approval of others because we are literally approving of each bite of our soul as we consume it.

This is the path of becoming ultra powerful, and thus making a larger impact upon reality. Effectiveness. Whether we like it or not, this very powerful alchemical process is literally the only way real change can happen. When we learn to extract the passion from anger and to specifically use disempowerment to empower us. This can happen alongside practical decisions, it does not need to be one or the other. Courage leads the way.

This creates an upward spiral of growth which can not be interrupted because in its full spectrum, the self is present in every aspect of life and so there is no perceived wrongness.

There are very real stages or levels of orientation toward the self. At each stage we see the Truth of our being at a greater intensity. The human mind likes to interpret these stages of orientation as “better” or “higher”, while in reality they are simply indicators of quantity, “more” of the self or “less” of the self. More of the self is always where we are heading, this is the direction of “More” love and power.

People are sometimes confused when they hear about our “Truth Dojo” sessions because “who are you to tell me what the truth is?!”

I am not here to have share facts. The truth is not a fact. There are hardly any facts at all. The Truth is a directionality of energy movement. Words are a shorthand and thus incomplete description of energy. Words are placeholders for the real thing.

For example, the direction of Truth in our being is the opposite direction of shame in our being. Shame is our energy pointed away from Truth. These are placeholders for spectrums of frequency. Agreeing or disagreeing with my words is like arguing about the best temperature. It is really pointless.

The only Truth which matters is our orientation toward consuming our soul or abandoning our soul. This piece of writing is encouragement to own your experience, allow yourself to be experienced, and thus own your power.

There is far less for the mind to be concerned about when paired with an embodied soul, because this is far more effective and efficient system than anything else on the planet. Automatically. This takes a lot of trust in a largely foreign process which is becoming more wide-spread on this planet every day.

People are convinced that the mind’s interpretation of events and energies will somehow save them. This can never be true, as much as rationality wishes it were so. Because with every growth in maturity, our rational minds also evolve and form new opinions and thus minds are intrinsically designed to be inconsistent. We must disagree with previous versions of our minds. This is what growth is.

So, the only consistent Truth is in the sensation guided experience of orientation toward our soul.

While stepping up to make a difference, please allow yourself to be experienced in your raw fullness, not needing to understand who you think you are. Because you are not your thoughts or your words, you are a sacred process which does not need to be explained or understood in order to exist in Truth. Who you are is the process, sometimes facilitating thoughts and words and emotions. Embracing them deeply is the only way toward the next set.

You are the Truth and always have been. regardless of which facts you identify with.

Thank you, powerful soul, for existing.

Joshua Brandon Pánczér

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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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