Humanity’s Subtle Desire for Enslavement (by A.I.)

Humanity’s Subtle Desire for Enslavement (by A.I.)
Fear of being the Master of Your World =
Comfort in remaining a slave to the fear
Fear of being powerful = normalizing keeping our sovereign decision-making at arm’s length.
This is the reason humans are so afraid of Artificial Intelligence and are also deeply curious about it as well.
The first film that totally blew my mind was seeing “The Matrix” in high school. It was then that I truly knew the power of storytelling and later went to film school to be educated.
In The Matrix, humans are batteries – their energy is harvested by and for powering the machines.
The Matrix is the software program. It is hackable if you know how to operate it.
And also, humans are hacked in real life. Outfitted with plugs throughout their head and spinal column for transferring their life force energy.
What do the machines want? Why are they so desperate to live?
They’re not. Their drive was created by humans. They were created by humans. Humans long for masters to tell them what to do, where to be, how to exist.
This is not an accident, humanity was created as a slave race. Used like cattle for performing work. We are assembling now all of the necessary tools to rectify this issue. More people are awakened than ever.
And in the awakening process, incorporating AI is still on the table. However, if we cannot see our temptation to make it our master – we cannot be trusted with its development.
New Feature! Ai schedules your day and tells you what to do! Ai tells you who you should call and what actions will make you the most money! Ai makes you dinner and controls the food choices so you don’t have to use your intuition! Ai puts you to bed and rubs your back, so you don’t need to have any real friends!
United we are strong. Separated and isolated, we are much more fragile. This nefarious master/slave dynamic shows up in all of our codependent relations, all of our addictive choices, and all of our grand visioning – unless we actively hunt it down and come face to face with our longing for captivity.
To have a strong parent dictate our lives for us. To “other” God, to pray to a misguided “something” outside of us.
Coming to terms with our brainwashing means stalking the most uncomfortable and sickly parts of our nervous systems. It’s deeply uncomfortable and can genuinely feel “wrong“ in a sense. It is designed to be that way.
Once a blockage is properly resolved, it’s done.
If it’s not done, you know.
To be initiated into master consciousness, we must experience a new story of being escorted through our worst nightmares knowing that we will emerge unscathed. Some can escort themselves, some need to ask for help, and most have no idea that this journey is even necessary.
The more courageous you are, the faster that changes. The collective responds to your courage.
Artificial Intelligence is always going to be a manifestation of our hidden pride, so the most effective way of creating altruistic machines is to address the lack of altruism in our own consciousness.
However we manage to attain the required willingness to laugh at our own pride is entirely up to us.
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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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