Masochism: The Desire to be Penetrated by God

There is a deep desire within humanity to become available to power. To be filled with the holy fire. To surrender to, and to be consumed by: Greatness.

This desire is innate, and healthy because access to power is truly necessary as part of our evolution. Without an ever-increasing reservoir of power our DNA would not have the necessary impetus to change. And change it must, as is the case with all species, but especially with humans as we are the primary stewards of our planet at this time.

True Power is not to be confused with hierarchical positioning. True Power is experienced internally, whereas ‘leverage’ in society is only a superficial representation. Someone in a ‘position of power’ may not have sufficient access to True Power to retain mental/emotional stability.

Positions of power generally appear as authority figures. Mother and Father are generally the initial primary positions of power, and these energies are mistakenly overlaid into various circumstances. Money, sex, drugs, technology, status, buildings, vehicles,…all of these can have mother or father energies projected onto them. Thus, they all have at one time or another “controlled” us…controlled our perception, our motives, and our sense of self.

When our sense of self is tied to an external circumstance, we are mistaking a small sliver of God as a complete God in that moment. For some people who imagine sex or money or status to be God this moment can easily last for decades. This moment is frozen, waiting to be thawed.

This is the nature of shame. Frozen aspects of consciousness, awaiting melting by a greater force.

Elements of Shame within the nervous system can also be considered “The Uninitiated”. The aspects of the child self craving to be challenged in such a way that they are forced to “adult”. This is a natural result of our culture lacking a healthy and proper initiation procedure for budding teens.

This has lead to the phenomenon of masochism. The craving of having power forced through ourselves, against the will of our trauma. Generally, masochistic perspectives do not realize they are driven by shame. And so, they often believe they are making decisions from a place of reason and sanity.

This leads to a very tender subject, which is specifically the desire for feminine aspects to be dominated by masculine aspects. Particularly in wanting to be restricted, tied up, hurt, confined, and other such power games. Now to be clear, I am not against any such activities nor am I here to judge or condemn any group or individual. I am here only to illuminate and empower. Read on at your own risk.

If the feminine perceives themselves as disempowered to the degree that the true nectar of God is inaccessible, humans will often find themselves seeking a replacement for God in the form of a human who embodies more power. This dynamic is very natural and nothing is innately wrong with it. This is in fact how all student/teacher relationships work – one has power while the other is in need. This is the extent of natural hierarchy.

However, because the individual with a great amount of power may still be running shame-based motivations, this power is expressed in a distorted way that lacks true empathy and compassion. Thus, this expression of power can still be executed in a disempowered format.

Divine aggression in its purest form is quite an experience to behold. To be penetrated by God is an honor and an opportunity that truly cannot be compared to anything else. Aggression is often confused with anger. Anger is the outward expression of shame. A dog can aggressively lick somebody he loves.

In humans, especially in the case of the sex act, unconscious shame driven anger can easily be mistaken for divine aggression. A man can be subtly abusing his partner without his partner having any awareness of this shadow emotional linkage. Thus, a woman can only submit to a man of impure heart when she is unaware of her own self-abusive tendencies.

Divine aggression never ever desires to restrict free will as a form of punishment. Divine reception never ever desires to be restricted as a form of punishment.
Only trauma desires to be punished and only trauma desires to punish. Regardless of whether the war is real or play.

This is not to say that we should not ever indulge in traumatized desires. Prescriptive behavior (behaviorism) itself is a traumatized paradigm as well. Our purpose here is simply to outline the true potential of how these energies can be best used for the attainment of true peace.

The traumatized human instinct to punish and to be punished, especially in sexually charged scenarios, is a legitimate doorway into a healing and transmutation experience. However, this doorway is vastly underutilized simply because practitioners such as those in the BDSM space are ONLY indulging the trauma rather than taking the opportunity to COMPLETE it. This enormous differentiation means that such emotionally charged scenarios open energetic gateways for a profound receptivity of compassionate tenderness, and yet host a reenactment of a war-like and suffering-based trauma-driven scenario.

A trauma completion experience is a story. This is precisely how The Quantum Theater modality works, which hundreds of people have experienced with great success. This is not a sales pitch, but an explanation in order to empower others to take this opportunity. A trauma completion experience may begin inside of the trauma, indulging the trauma, acknowledging the war-based temptations, and yet it must become increasingly compassionate. It fuses the energy of the trauma to unbridled presence and the unfiltered sword of Truth. This is often not a comfortable experience, as this is where the demon loses its head. The trauma encounters a reflection.

For example, a trauma-based story can scheme of two lovers becoming entangled in escalating ‘play’ in which both are planning on some form of tie-up, shut up, beat up scenario. As it escalates, the potential ‘abuser’ will need to snap out of it at just the right time, stopping in their tracks, and saying NO. No I will not abuse you. I see you believing you need to be tortured and NO I will not allow this. No, I am here to protect your heart. NO, I am witnessing your magnetism of abuse and it stops today. This sight of the traumatized experience will lead to a ripple effect of purging in various ways, ultimately completing the traumatized energy if held with appropriate depth.

For more risk-taking practitioners wanting to go deeper into the journey of unwinding the shame, the role-playing component could go deeper, however successfully completing all energies and fully remembering a non-trauma-bonded heartfelt alliance generally requires a third party spaceholder to track and acknowledge all threads of energy attachments. Few people on the planet have sufficient capacity for the voltage required (right brain) to handle such entanglements while simultaneously retaining access to clear organizational abilities (left brain).

Truly being penetrated by God is an internal experience. Sexually charged scenarios are always temporary, and thus never going a replacement for the truth of God. If used with skill, they can create more self-awareness and availability to power in the long run, but fleeting moments are akin to recreational drug use in their spiritual qualities. They can be wonderful reference points, as well as they can create longings and unnecessary attachments.

Sovereignty is only possible when we can enjoy others, AND we are willing to give them up. We can play with others, but we are NOT willing to abuse or to be abused. May all addictions to trauma indulgent scenarios WITHOUT trauma completion come to an end NOW. We do not need additional entertainment and dramatic emotional stimulation. The world is dramatic enough. We need to learn how to UNWIND our system and learn to REST. We need to remember patience, humility, honor, and these qualities will unlock the natural passionate genius of our souls which can only be accessed once the addictive dramatization is released.

Thank you for reading. I’m happy to answer any questions. Feel free to share.


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Joshua Edjida
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Joshua Edjida is a multidimensional artist, experience designer, author, public speaker/comedian, and transformational leadership facilitator. Originally from California, he currently lives in Colorado, and also enjoys traveling in Thailand, Bali, or in Europe.

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